Difference between human trafficking and prostitutes

By Perly Viasmensky
One epidemic erases another one, but now that everyone is so concerned about the coronavirus, all of us are forgetting that there is a global bigger-than-an-epidemic pandemic called human trafficking. In the United States, many claim that the State of Ohio is the number one place for human trafficking and the Department of State lists the top three states with the most human trafficking activity to be California, New York and Texas.
The truth is, for me personally, extremely sad and disturbing that Las Vegas, the place I love and where I grew up, is the hub of human  trafficking.
Recruiters from California come to our city to brainwash young girls with the false promise of high-paying jobs as models and or dancers to later find out that they are introduced to regular pimps and never to producers of big shows. The majority of those girls come from nice and decent families.
There is a big difference between those girls and the ones coming from foreign countries on vacation with the idea that they can fool men in order to get free vacations.
The first ones were subjected to mistreatment and humiliation when brutally beaten from the pimp if they didn’t produce enough money for the pimp to continue with their luxury life of big houses, and late model cars until the day those girls disappeared without a trace.
The other ones, when they cannot attract all the attention they need for a free vacation from the man they have selected, they scream “rape” and play the part of an innocent girl.
The local authorities, in the first case, don’t bother to investigate whereabouts of the missing girl. They don’t investigate the pimp or the house where the young girl was living for traces of blood or anything pertaining to a real investigation. If the pimp tells them that the sky is red, they close the investigation believing that the sky is actually red. And with a very insensitive tone of voice they say: “She was just a prostitute.” In the other case, they arrest the man, the girl comes back to court from her country to testify against the man that never touched her,
expenses paid by us, the taxpayers (along with Mom and Dad who have nothing to add to support the case, since their little girl traveled to our country all by herself). The innocent man is sent to prison for 20 years and the sweet little girl goes back to her country to continue with her wild life and she has the audacity to post it on Facebook.
The pimp in the first case moves out from Las Vegas to continue with his dubious business operations in another state, while the family of the girl authorities in Las Vegas labeled “just a prostitute” are suffering for years from the disappearance of their young innocent and naïve girl.
Can we all see the difference between a victim of human trafficking and the little bitch vacationing in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Entertainment Capital of the World with the support of the Clark County District Attorney’s prosecutor of the case?
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas tribune.com.

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