Government groups are failing the community

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
There are several organizations that claim their function is to protect and serve the community, but are they doing what they are supposed to be doing?
Nevada Public Utilities Commission, Nevada State Bar, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Insurance Commissioner, Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, and Federal Communication Commission are just some of the organizations that are supposed to protect the community from abuse and unprofessional conduct or behavior, at least.
Most of them are supposed to be created to protect the community, but are they really there as they are supposed to be?
Not all but most utility companies are getting away with keeping a walk-in office for customers to handle their business in person; on top of all that, all of them are taking advantage of moving their call centers to foreign countries where they cannot be regularly regulated keeping the unemployment lines in the United States longer than usual.
This method allows the owners of some utility companies to follow a pattern of abuse and a distinctive way to rip off customers without having to answer to anyone, beside the fact that all financial transactions may not be reported.
Another benefit of keeping the call centers out of the United States, the companies can steal from their customers and have no one to answer
That may be one campaign promise President Trump has not been able to fulfill, that he would bring the jobs back to America, to the American
people, but every day there are more call centers located outside the USA in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Guatemala, and of course, our neighbor to the South, Mexico, that seems to be in control of the call centers.
These people are not coming to the United States to steal American jobs; they don’t need to. American Corporations steal the jobs from here and bring them on a silver platter to the Mexican people in Mexico and to all those other countries with the blessing of American elected officials.
Mexicans may get the blame, but the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, the Philippines and Guatemala also play the game.
Some of these organizations do not even allow the public to enter the building and most of them do not even, most of the time, like to hear any of the legitimate complaints or will find any excuse possible to diminish the face value of the complaint.
These organizations are the ones that allow the utility companies to abuse the consumers. Take for example when the Las Vegas Tribune wanted to file a complaint against Judge Joseph Scisentos, AKA Joe Scisentos, for asking the newspaper representative to leave “HIS courtroom.”
The newspaper encountered all types of excuses from the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, and finally they obtained the victory they all wanted: make the victim tired and stop trying to file the complaint.
The newspaper was just trying to make an effort to let the court know that there was a dead body in the case of Victor Cruz, but he had to wait until a relative of Raul Moran interrupted the court procedure and then another court hearing for the following day was ordered and the judge had to admit that he DID NOT know that there was a dead body in the case and that someone in the District Attorney’s office “forgot” to add such an important detail to the criminal complaint.
That incident got the judge the nickname of Judge “Stay Away From the Victim” Joe on an otherwise clean and respectful record, despite him
having the reputation of being moody and lawyers never knowing when he is serious or joking from the bench of “HIS courtroom,” a courtroom
that is supposed to be a “WE THE PEOPLE” courtroom.

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