Business is as usual as ever in Clark County it is not who you know, but who knows you.

My Point of View/ By Rolando Larraz
For a moment I thought I was reading the Henderson insert, but I was reading the Las Vegas daily Nevada section. Six pages with three news articles and one traffic columnist total; the only difference is that the three articles were local articles and the Henderson insert is a “copy and paste” from the socialist New York Times and socialists stick together.
However, what happened to all those reporters that the larger local newspaper brags about? Where were they over the weekend? The newspaper’s price is still exorbitantly high, regardless of the lack of reading material. Are the subscribers being taken for granted? Or are they being taken for fools?
Every time I see it happen I am very proud of the work we all do at the Las Vegas Tribune with twenty-eight pages, more than three local articles, the best content with the most exemplary local writers who are part of the community and care for the local issues, and the few (three only) reporters who are not stopped by anyone to report the truth regardless who get hurts or who likes what they report because we are all here to serve the community even if we are the newspaper that no one reads, as the granny assistant campaign manager tells those who have no choice but to hear what she has to say.
We are an online newspaper, yes, because we have no choice; we are not going to let our advertisers tell us who we can love and who we have to hate because otherwise they will withdraw their advertisements from our newspaper.
We don’t care if the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department higher-ups administration and the Public Information Office makes an effort to ignore us or pretend that we do not exist.
The public and more than enough police officers know us and they know that we respect the good job they are doing for the community and they keep us informed of the bad behavior of those who are supposed to be in charge and are not honoring their campaign promises or their obligation to departmental duties.
We are not obligated to divulge our sources and, honestly, many of them do not care if their bosses find out where the information is coming from because they are fed up with the department’s inconsistency and lack of decency.
But the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is not the only one that has disappointed many in the community; the office of the Clark County District Attorney is another government entity that believes they’re God’s gift to the world.
The office of the Clark County District Attorney believes it does not have to answer to any one despite the fact that the District Attorney is an elected official and at election time his bad behavior is most likely used in his political effort to get reelected.
I have learned that the District Attorney not only abuses the trust of members of the community, but also is using his office to politic within the Regional Justice Center and I am working on that information as I am writing this column.
Someone asked me the other day if I was ready to fight Steve Wolfson and I say yes, as much as I may like Steve if he is doing something incorrect or abuse I will expose him.
Take for example the case of Victor Cruz, a low life local criminal that cowardly kills another unarmed human being in the back of the head and his office REFUSED to prosecute that case without an explanation.
The District Attorney has always believed that he does not have to answer to any one and that is not true. District Attorney Steve Wolfson is not above the law and he owes an explanation to the community why a cold blooded killer could walk out of the RJC a free man, who is protecting this man and even maybe how much campaign contribution Victor Cruz’s attorney donated to his campaign or maybe how much influence his law partner could exercises on his office.
I was under the impression that he was a nice guy when he himself was a victim of a fraud and chose not to press charges against the perpetrator of the fraud, his own secretary, Audrey Lockley who is still working for him as his right hand person and now I may understand why the noble gesture.
Audrey Lockley is working under the District Attorney power and she may have to be under his spell (I assume) and she has to be on her best behavior and do exactly what he wants when and where he wants or she can lose her employment and with that record she may not be able to find another job in this city.
But regardless of what the situation is I am going to keep digging why a cold blooded killer is free walking the streets of our city without a single problem.
If political favors are not the reason why Victor Cruz is walking free on the streets of Las Vegas, then the “protection” is coming from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that is favoring one of their own.
Victor Cruz’s attorney is partner with a former District Attorney who left his post to go work for the Police Protective Association just a few months after been reelected to District Attorney, because he wanted “to spend more time with his newborn daughter” but took the job with the Police Protective Association and became partner in the law office of Victor Cruz’s attorney.
Business is as usual as ever in Clark County, it is not who you know, but who knows you.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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