Another voice shut down by the daily newspaper

By Tribune Media Group
Wayne Allyn Root is no longer writing for the Las Vegas daily newspaper since last week without being given an opportunity to notify his readers, which showed a lack of professionalism on the part of the daily, and a lack of respect for someone who has served the newspaper for a long time.
This is not the first time the publication acted in that way; they did it with John L. Smith who wrote for the newspaper for decades; they did it with Thomas Mitchell who was the Editor for twenty-two years, also with Sherman Frederick who led the newspaper for eighteen years.
We have had no previous communication with Wayne Allyn Root; many of us do not know him and did not even read his articles but the professionalism of this man should be respected and appreciated, if not for himself but for the loyal subscribers of the publication who may have enjoyed reading his articles.
We have assumed that his articles were not to the taste of the publication executives when they did not even allow him to alert his readers; a very obscure little note in the bottom right-hand corner was published, telling readers that Wayne Allyn Root would no longer be in the paper, perhaps because many people had called asking about his column.
Every writer has their followers and Wayne Allyn Root is no exception and he should have been allowed to say goodbye even if he was terminated or fired.
Jerry Fink wrote for the Las Vegas Tribune for more than ten years and when he decided to stop writing, his last column appeared in the newspaper allowing him to say goodbye, Jerry worked for the Henderson newspaper for many years and after he left them, the Las Vegas Tribune was more than pleased to have his contribution.
Every time a newspaper or a publication shuts down, the Las Vegas Tribune shows its pain; every time a writer is shut down for whatever reason in whatever publication, it is this newspaper that expresses its disappointment because even if it is not of the same view as our editorial line, it is a view that others may agree with showing freedom of expression and opinion.
The management of the twenty-two-year-old independent weekly, Las Vegas Tribune, a paper that many try to block or ignore, believes that the more voices, opinions, or points of view, the better. And “it is far better for the community to have such an open field of differing views than to stifle the community’s ability and opportunity to see the big picture,” said the publication’s managing editor, Maramis Choufani.

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