Mini-martial law in Nevada just got a new general

By Chuck Muth

Governor, Steve Sisolak’s mini-martial law declaration in Nevada took another bizarre twist yesterday — again without a peep of opposition from GOP legislators. First, he added liquor stores to the ever-changing list of “non-essential” businesses and ordered them closed.

And again, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Why can grocery stores continue to operate and sell liquor but not liquor stores? It’s the government picking winners and losers in a crisis with no rhyme or reason. Secondly, the governor then went on Facebook to announce that he’s created a government “task force” to help implement his statewide business sector shutdown and appointed a general to lead it… Jim Murren.
You remember Jim “Lord of the Layoffs” Murren, don’t you? He’s the now-former head of MGM Grand who put some 70,000 MGM employees out of work even before the governor’s mandatory shutdown order.
He’s the guy who sued the VICTIMS of the October 1 massacre by a lunatic who shot from his room in one of MGM’s hotels, Mandalay Bay.
He’s the guy who brought paid parking and sky-high resort fees to the Las Vegas Strip. He’s the guy who “adopted versions of roulette, blackjack, and video poker that are less favorable to players.”
He’s the guy who had to call in a political favor from Senator Harry Reid to save his City Center project from going into bankruptcy.
He’s the guy who secured a whopping $32 million retirement package back in February — one month before seeking a $150 billion bailout from the Trump administration for the gaming industry.
He’s the guy who reportedly sold some $22 million worth of MGM stock back in February when it was selling for around $33 per share…and then last week bought up 6,000 shares after the stock tanked to around $7 per share.
He’s the guy whose company has bankrolled liberal Jon Ralston’s Nevada Co-dependent news blog to the tune of $957,500.
He’s the guy, according to reporter Jacob Solis, whose “companies or individuals linked to MGM Resorts International gave more than $352,000” to Gov. Sisolak’s campaign for governor in 2018. Ah, NOW it’s starting to make sense!

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