This time in my life, I am glad to be old, I am happy to be called a senior citizen.

My Point of View By Rolando Larraz
I like to be optimistic, and I like to be positive, but the reality is that the Coronavirus pandemic is making it impossible for me and most people are making it even more difficult with their obvious and rightful hysteria over the situation.
Everywhere one goes, it’s all you hear; every television channel you turn to, it’s all you hear; I don’t know about radio stations because I do not own a radio, either in the place I stay or in my car, and that drives me crazy because I used to listen to Kevin Wall on my commute to work or during my errands around the city, but it seems that everything I enjoy has been taken away from me and even my car radio is no longer working.
But regardless, I cannot believe that the whole world is paralyzed due to the Coronavirus pandemic: no sports, no court cases or trials, no buffets, no casino operation; it is almost like the Culinary Union strike back in 1984. The longest strike in Nevada gambling history was launched April 2 by 30,000 culinary workers, bartenders, stagehands, and musicians who walked out at 50 hotel-casinos and at the end of a 75-day strike cost the gambling mecca more than $100 million. This could be worse than the 9-11 attack on our country.
The strike mainly affected the Las Vegas area and maybe the state as a whole, but this Coronavirus pandemic is definitely a worldwide issue affecting us all.
I have come to the conclusion that we cannot take everything for granted and the things we see every day can disappear right in front of our eyes and we should start being a little more human.
I believe that the grocery store owners should not take advantage of the current situation, and after reading Perly Viasmensky’s column in this edition of Las Vegas Tribune, I can see that some merchants are taking advantage of the sad and drastic situation the world is living in right now.
Maybe Perly Viasmensky is right and the governor should take action against all those types of greedy abuses because, in my humble opinion, it is not fair that those who are familiar with the prices in their local stores and cannot afford any higher prices are deprived of basic needed things.
I do not want to sound naive, but I think that the American people are showing solidarity and working together as well as every aspect of the government and every political party and that is why it is important that the grocery stores stop being greedy and keep the prices that their regular customers are used to.
I happen to believe that Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is right again, not because I am a loyal supporter of her husband, former Mayor Oscar Goodman, but because I believe that people are getting extremely paranoid with this Coronavirus hysteria and forget their everyday responsibilities and obligations.
This is a city where people live from day to day and paychecks are not even an important issue in their life; tips are the more important thing with most Las Vegas residents and every day they do not work is a day that they do not get the tips they are used to going home with, tips they use to go have a drink after work, but mainly tips they use to go to the grocery store.
Lots of peoples’ paychecks in Las Vegas have no monetary value; some have a very minimum amount; tips are what the people working behind bars or in restaurants are concerned with. Yes, I believe that Mayor Carolyn Goodman is right.
What is the use of closing the schools if they are going to be open half a day to give free breakfast and lunch to the students? Are the free breakfasts and lunches protected against the Coronavirus?
Please!! Give me a break; the free breakfast is an excuse for the parents, who most likely are not working either, to have some time off and do not have to worry about how they are going to feed the kids.
It is almost like a Memorial Day, Presidents Day or a Veterans Day. Half of the people do not know what holiday it is, what they should memorize, don’t know the name of the last two presidents or what Veterans’ Day means and what value they have in the history of this nation.
Let’s not use the Coronavirus as an excuse to close the city and let everyone sit or stand on the sidewalk (or looking out their front windows) waiting for the doors to re-open again someday, but who knows when.
I, for one, am not following what I preach because, at my age, I cannot afford to be infected with such a nasty virus and I am lucky enough to have a very open schedule; I am working most of the time from my home headquarters, using my telephone and not from my office desk, but still fulfilling my obligations and my duties.
This is one time in my life that I am glad to be old and I am happy to be called a senior citizen.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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