Let’s make America the greatest country on earth… again!

CityCouncilman, StavrosAnthony, filed for County Commission District C
Las Vegas City Councilman, Stavros Anthony, filed for County Commission District C

While the Democrats were fighting for the presidential vote during Super Tuesday, the local politicians were getting ready for their own fight for several races after the first filing day took place last Monday.
Among those showing up early to avoid the lines there was City Councilman and former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police captain, Stavros Anthony, who filed for County Commission District C vacated by his former city colleague term-limited Larry Brown.
As always, Councilman Anthony is among the very first if not the first to show up to file for the office he wants to run for, not because he wants to “get it over with,” not because “he has other things to do,” but because he likes to put his name in and stay around speaking to friends, other candidates and his constituents for a good part of the morning.
We are very proud of knowing Captain/City Councilman Stavros Anthony all these years and consider him a friend even if some of those close to him try to put space between us, keeping him far away from us.
We believe he is a dedicated city councilman who makes the city council look way better than most people see the Las Vegas City Council to be. The people of Clark County are getting a good county commissioner who will make them proud of having a fighter and a dedicated public servant in their District C; they are saying goodbye to a good county commissioner, Larry Brown, and saying hello to and welcoming another good county commissioner-to-be in Stavros Anthony.
No other candidate for District C in the Clark County Commission could be compared to Stavros Anthony and we believe that the residents of District C are very lucky to have someone like him vying for that seat and we hope they will appreciate it by making him their next county commissioner.
This is a very important election year because we have many candidates in the presidential race that are trying to confuse the voters making them believe that communism is the best way to go in electing the candidates so it is very important to elect people who have the people of this community at heart before anything else.
We need to keep Nevada as our main priority and make sure that the people we elect are the people who have Nevada in their heart.
April Becker may not be a native Nevadan but she is a true Nevada success story. She put herself through college and law school at UNLV as a working mom with young children.
She went on to start her own law firm, where she specializes in fighting for those who need an ally to navigate the justice system.
She was inducted into the “100 Hours Club” by Legal Aid of Southern Nevada, a non-profit dedicated to providing access to quality legal counsel to individuals who cannot afford an attorney.
“Mrs. Becker is committed to the people of Nevada,” said Senate Minority Leader James Settelmeyer. “Her long history of being active in the community and her vast knowledge of the law make her a vital asset to our State Legislature.”
With people like Anthony in the County Commission and April Becker in Senate District 6, Nevada is on its way to being the Nevada many of us used to know.
We like Nicole Cannizzaro, who was elected to the Senate in 2016 defeating our nemesis, Republican Victoria Seaman, but we believe in following the party line except when it concerns the above Republican name despite the fact that we at Las Vegas Tribune have endorsed many Democrat candidates before Socialism became the new style.
We have endorsed Steve Sisolak for County Commissioner, we have endorsed our long time friend Lawrence Weekly for County Commissioner several times, because we believe that the party affiliation has nothing to do with how the candidate cares for the community.
Today we do not know if we can in good faith endorse our Governor for anything with his socialist (communist) ideas trying to make Nevada a Sanctuary State.
We do not believe in open borders, we do not believe in “taking the wall down,” we do not believe that those who enter our country illegally should be entitled to any freebies.
We do not even believe that our call centers should be outside the country; many of us are very lucky we have a job, if it pays little or
much is immaterial; it is a job — but our unemployment lines are still too long. Those call center jobs should come back to the United States of America. Let’s make America the greatest country on earth… again!

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