Psychic Medium Thomas John performs at Celeopatra’s Barge, in Caesars Palace By Sandy Zimmerman

Psychic Medium Thomas John performs at Celeopatra’s Barge, in Caesars Palace
By Sandy Zimmerman
The famous celebrity psychic medium Thomas John walked around the Cleopatra’s Barge stage and suddenly stopped as he sensed there was a message, something attracted his attention. John looked at one of the ladies in the audience and yes, he conveyed the message to her. John spends time speaking to many people in the audience discussing their loved ones or friends bringing comfort to them, helping resolve their feelings. The emotion is high as one of the women cried after her reading.
It’s a show of discovery, a place to relax and explore your feelings, answer questions about your life. I have attended many psychic’s shows but Thomas John is a psychic medium which is completely different, a serious way of channeling spirits. After experiencing Thomas John, the audience is stunned regarding how much he knew and how easily communicated.
What a perfect setting for Thomas John, the beautiful Cleopatra’s Barge has a stage with seating blocked into sections of four or more looking similar to box seating, some seats were elevated while other chairs theater style on both sides. Thomas John is usually near his audience in this intimate setting for the 90 minute show.

Thomas John, Celebrity Psychic Medium is recommended for audiences age 16 and older. Please note that readings are not guaranteed. Management reserves all rights. Thomas John Flanagan, known professionally as Thomas John, is a former Chicago drag queen, who claims to be a psychic medium with paranormal abilities. He has been called the “Manhattan Medium” and stars in the reality TV show, Seatbelt Psychic.

John’s show was extended with a VIP upgrade, including a meet and greet, is also available and can be purchased as an add-on to any existing ticket. Tickets will be available for purchase at, any box office at Caesars Palace or by calling 702.777.2782.
The original Cleopatra’s Barge back in the 80’s and 90’s, looked like a ship, I had the opportunity to review Matt Goss when he opened there for his debut. Still as romantic as before, these design changes from barge to beautiful showroom were implemented because Goss will open here again on March 12 for an extended schedule.
Goss performs with his dancers-“The Dirty Virgins and two sultry back-up singers the performance (and the new show) should come as no surprise, since Matt Goss’ show is being produced by Robin Antin, creator of the famed Pussycat Dolls.. belts
The new show will take place 10:00 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays in the hotel’s iconic Cleopatra’s Barge lounge, known around the world as a must-stop location for gamblers seeking good luck on their way to the Caesars Palace casino. (Vegas lore says touching the statue of Cleopatra that extends over the walkway in front of the lounge is good luck, but we won’t go into detail about what parts of the statue are most often touched. Use your imagination!)

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