Homeless demanding rights that are not theirs to demand

Hello Olivia Diaz! What can you say about this.

By Perly Viasmensky

Hello Olivia Diaz! What can you say about this.

Tired of hearing about homeless people? So am I, but there is no way we can forget that many of them are not only an inconvenience, they are also becoming aggressive toward those asking them to leave their property.
They take possession of private businesses as if they were their own. Twelve o’clock noon and it’s as if they come “home” to rest.
Look at the picture, right at the front door of my office. The man showed up, took his shirt off, hung it in his “closet” (on the handicapped sign), and laid down to sleep his drunken stupor off. When requested to get out of there, he became abusive and aggressive.
Councilman Brian Knudsen recently expressed his opinion that business downtown is “booming.” Yeah, right! It was just last Friday that I lost not one, not two, but three clients because of that man sleeping at my front door.
How many people heard presidential candidate Bernie Sanders attacking Mike Bloomberg last week here in Las Vegas? I did. I learned a long  time ago from my grandfather always to listen and pay attention to what an enemy has to say, especially if the enemy is a socialist-communist, like the ones that destroyed the beautiful island of Cuba 61 years ago.
“We have a grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth and income. Mike Bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million Americans.
That’s wrong, that’s immoral. That should not be the case when we’ve got half a million people sleeping out on the street,” said Sanders.
Senator Sanders is always speaking about economic inequality, but I don’t see him sharing his wealth or one of his three houses with the half a million homeless sleeping out on the street.
This is the typical attitude of the socialist-communists; they want to spread the wealth of others but keep their own.
In Cuba, Fidel Castro promised land reform and gave those lands to farmers. He took possession of all lands, including the ones owned by US citizens who took advantage of the wonderful weather and the fertile soil of the island and acquired many acres of land. Those farmers who thought they were already proprietors soon found out that they would have to work the land and pay the government for them.
Fidel Castro also promised urban reform and started taking the homes of the wealthy people and those of the not-too-wealthy of Cuba, along with the homes of the many less aware, less mentally sharp people who thought they could win Castro’s favor by putting signs on their doors stating, “Fidel, this is your home.” Sure thing, he took them all.
All those naïve people who thought communism is what is written in books learned the hard way that they were destined to live in poverty and misery.
We all need to remember that Fidel Castro — like Senator Sanders referring to himself as a “socialist” — did likewise until the bomb exploded and he declared himself a communist. The people of the island learned the hard way that they were to become slaves of the system.
The majority of the citizens needed to enroll in the Communist Party if they wanted a decent job. Teachers, mainly women, had to serve on the defense committee; there were postings at the corners of different neighborhoods written by snitches performing their jobs.
The Castro brothers became Billionaires (yes, with a capital B) at the expense of their country. Billionaires are the ones Bernie Sanders believes should not exist.
Socialist-communists, in order to brainwash the “little people” sometimes don’t think properly before they speak. Sanders also said in Las Vegas that Bloomberg wasn’t the one who made all the money, but his workers were, and he said that those workers should be given seats on corporate boards and share in the benefits.
Senator Sanders with his socialist-communist mentality is proposing Medicare for All, free college and erasing student debt. With Medicare for all, private insurance companies would be replaced and since many agents would not be necessary, they will be given corporate board seats. College education and the student debt will be paid with the royalties from the books Sanders wrote. Good way to spread the wealth!
It does not matter how much Bernie Sanders spreads other people’s wealth; that’s not going to solve the homeless situation. Here in Las Vegas the majority of the homeless people receive a monthly check from the government; but do they use the money to rent a room and try to better themselves? Of course not; they receive the check on the 3rd of the month and the following morning many of them don’t have a penny left to their name — the money was already spent on drugs, liquor, and/or was gambled away — and so they come to sleep on our properties
interrupting our daily business, livelihood, and peace of mind.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas tribune.com.

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