Illegal or unethical? Misleading for sure

Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs,
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs

His new email is and it sounds as if he is already a judge when he is not, but Joseph P. Gloria, Registrar of Voters with the Election Department does not see anything wrong with that email.
Benjamin B. Childs, AKA Ben Childs, is running for judge for the second time; this time it’s against an incumbent judge that was not too kind in his child custody procedure in the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada Family Division.
We have learned that the procedure was not much in favor of the local attorney since his modus operandi with three of his children was not that of a kind and loving father. Therefore Childs decided to run against that judge, so she had no choice but to recuse herself from the case.
Benjamin B. Childs, AKA Ben Childs, claims to be the victim in his divorce case and child custody case but during one of those meetings with child custody, his own daughter yelled at him, “I hate you, I hate you.”
He kept his daughter and two sons secluded by way of the home-schooling program and the Las Vegas Tribune has learned that Childs kept his daughter locked up in one of his offices in his law
practice building.
The girl was unhappy and her school report card showed C’s and D’s, but now that she is back with her mother she looks happy and her report card shows all A’s and B’s according to sources who spoke to Las Vegas Tribune after the first article we published in this newspaper.
Someone asked a very valid question about his children and we echo that same question: Why does his daughter hate him so much as to confront him in front of strangers? Why would such a “good father” have to brag all the time about his daughter’s brassiere size?
His use of the email could be seen as a tricky way to confuse voters who are voting in this 2020 election but according to Joe Gloria from the Clark County Registrar of Voters for the Clark County Election Department, the email is not illegal. The tricky email name could be taken as a way to mislead the voters in the 2020 judicial election.
While entering a local store, attorney Benjamin B. Childs confronted a member of the Las Vegas Tribune organization verbally assaulting the author of a story about him.
There is a possibility that the member of the Las Vegas Tribune is being stalked by attorney Benjamin Childs due to the coincidence that they have run into each another two times at two different local stores where Childs screamed to the newsman, “M***** F*****” and one of the security guards at one of the stores had to ask what the
problem was, but the attorney kept walking and cowardly pretended that the incident was not of his concern; he has also been seen driving by the Las Vegas Tribune office but never stopping.
After reading an article that was published on September 20, 2019, Gary Hart, the former owner of the defunct Hart Mansion, called the newspaper and stated, for an article and with pleasure, that Childs was his attorney and he double-crossed him during his legal problems, which the newspaper already was aware of because attorney Childs commented about it once.
Clark County voters should be aware that his email gives the impression that Benjamin B. Childs, AKA Ben Childs, is already a judge, perhaps confusing people who may mistake his candidate-only position with his already being a judge, which he obviously is not.

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