Denise Mraz is not a “Succubus”

Is Denise Mraz working for Sheriff Joe Lombardo? Is Denise Mraz an undercover police officer? Is she a snitch? Or is she just lucky. Inquiring minds want to know.
By Rolando Larraz

The definition of a “Succubus” is “a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.” Denise Mraz does not seem to quite fit the definition of this term… or does she? Mraz, at first blush, appears to be intelligent, hardworking and dedicated.
By all appearances, Mraz does not seem to be a seductress. However, after closer examination, one could easily form the opinion that she is a narcissistic sycophant.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “sycophant,” it is defined as “a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.” Mraz’s track record certainly supports that theory.
Mraz came to the Las Vegas Tribune and offered to write for the paper. The staff judged Mraz’s book by its cover. However, the truth be known the content of the book has nothing to do with the cover in this case.
Mraz appears to have a very dark side. Mraz has a penchant for weaving a lot of tangled webs of deception. Mraz introduces her “boyfriend” as her “husband.” However, it was discovered that her “boyfriend” is married to another woman.
Mraz tells a lot of stories. Here is an interesting one — the story of her father, a wealthy man operating a business in the atomic energy industry setting up a trust for her and her brother. Her story continues to describe her “scumbag drug addict” brother being discovered in his apartment in a comma with black feet and black
hands. Her brother subsequently dies. As a consequence, the beneficiary of the trust inures to her. Mraz is now the sole beneficiary of the trust set up by her father for her and her brother.
Her father is the Trustee of the Trust for her and so he determines what, when, why and how Mraz receives the money.
There is only one exception to her father’s power — if he dies, Mraz becomes the successor trustee. As fate would have it, Mraz’s father takes a turn for the worse and dies. Mraz alleges and screams from the rooftops that her evil stepmother killed him. Mraz’s story goes that she demanded an autopsy and her evil stepmother cremated her father.
Whew, that evil stepmother narrowly escaped being discovered for the murderess that Mraz alleges she was.
However, recent developments demonstrate that Mraz’s stepmother may not be so evil after all; instead there emerges another potential evil incarnate in the story. The Las Vegas Tribune discovered that Mraz is no stranger herself to the ideation of homicide.
Recently a nemesis of Mraz was notified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that Mraz attempted to hire someone to murder him.
That is not to say that Mraz is inherently an evil person, but as the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”
The LVMPD will do nothing because Mraz is apparently too broke to pay upfront and money must exchange hands in order to foment an arrest.
But Mraz’s ideation of homicide sure makes her story about her brother and father and the whole trust thing mighty interesting. After all, her evil stepmother received none of the money in the trust. Instead, Mraz became the trustee and Mraz got it all. Motive and opportunity appear to lie dead, baking in the sun. But, I digress.
Our focus is on that of the succubus. Mraz is currently being sued by Kevin Wiltz, a single father of three children who makes his living packaging hard money loans. In front of three witnesses, Mraz agreed to pay Mr. Wiltz $25,000 for helping her obtain a hard money loan on her home which she has conveniently parked in a Trust to protect it from creditors and lawsuits. Mraz could not obtain a conventional loan because she had no income. She was behind on her bills and she lived in the property she was attempting to hypothecate. Mr. Wiltz helped Mraz obtain a $250,000 loan on her personal residence.
Immediately upon obtaining the loan Mraz turned off her phone and Mr. Wiltz never heard from her again, nor did Mr. Wiltz receive his $25,000 for making the introduction and helping her package her loan documents.
Mraz personally filled out and signed all of her loan documents and signed them under the penalty of perjury. Mraz states under the penalty of perjury that she does not live in her personal residence.
Mraz states under the penalty of perjury that she will not use the money for purchasing consumer items. Both of these statements turned out to be false.
This does not mean that Denise Mraz committed mortgage fraud or wire fraud (as the money obtained from loans is wired to the payee’s bank).
And, this certainly doesn’t mean that Mraz is a liar or a perjurer, but as the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”
When someone screws you over in a business deal, this act is often considered as a synonym for a “sexual act” or “intercourse” and, when you are misled by someone who makes you believe that they are not a thief or a liar, then this could certainly be considered a synonym for “sleeping,” because you are unaware.
So once again, Denise Mraz is not a “Succubus,” but as the saying goes: “Actions speak louder than words.” Wasn’t it Richard Nixon who stated, “I am not a crook.” Funny, nobody believed him.
Denise Mraz has earned a special place in the heart of the Las Vegas Tribune for attempting to sell the Tribune for $4,000 a month “cash” behind the owner’s back. As a result, her association with the Las Vegas Tribune  was terminated and she was instructed to turn over her press pass.
When so instructed, Mraz got a trapped animal look on her face and bolted out of the Tribune office, stealing the Las Vegas Tribune Press Pass.
Anyone dealing with Denise Mraz on any level should run in the other direction. But if you do run, it is certainly recommended that you do not use Denise Mraz’s moral compass, because if you do, you may end up trying to hire somebody to kill people that won’t let you screw them over. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware).
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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