Attacking the governor for a personal reason is not in the best interest of the State.

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Is Denise Mraz working for Sheriff Joe Lombardo? Is Denise Mraz an
undercover police officer? Is she a snitch? Or is she just lucky.
Inquiring minds want to know.

Las Vegas Tribune has not been too kind to Governor Steve Sisolak on many occasions since he became the Democratic Governor of our state, but those of us who happen to know the governor personally and happen to like him on a personal basis (even if we disagree on many occasions and many times in the political arena) find the attacks and the efforts to recall the governor are unjustifiable and ridiculous.
First of all, the leader of a group that has initiated the recall is an outsider, a woman who has only lived in Nevada for a few short years, coming to our state as a California refugee and trying to make a name for herself at any cost.
Denise Mraz is not a Nevadan; she did not come to Nevada with the good intention of helping this state and cooperating with the old-timers to help to make our state better if possible.
She came to Nevada, in our opinion, to create a fortune, at any cost, for herself, regardless of the consequences and the risk of creating problems for everyone everywhere she happens to land in the beautiful state of Nevada.
She causes problems for everyone; she created lies about everyone in Nevada, even those who have built a name for themselves and has created name recognition for herself by attacking their political and religious ideas if they do not match her own.
She came to Las Vegas Tribune pretending to be one person and ended up being someone else when she could not succeed in attacking others who have lived in Nevada way longer than she has been alive, asking the management of the newspaper not to publish Chuck Muth’s articles on the front page after she tried to “order” Las Vegas Tribune to no longer accept Chuck Muth’s articles because “he is a Muslim” and for many other reasons attacking the reputation of a well-respected man who has cooperated with this newspaper for a very long time.
Some of the best writers, not only in Las Vegas but also in the whole state of Nevada, even if they do not agree with Chuck Muth all the time, respect him and write favorably of him.
John L Smith, a well respected local journalist that for many yearswrote for the daily newspaper, on Jun. 28, 2006 wrote about Chuck Muth: “At 47, he’s written a pointed political newsletter for a decade, has assembled an expansive candidate training program, spent three years in Washington with the American Conservative Union, and today defines the hard edge of the Nevada GOP.”
He’s also a devoted husband and father of two children. Call him in the afternoon, and you’re likely to find him hanging with the kids at his home in Carson City.
Muth’s critics would be shocked to learn he was raised in a union household and that his father was a Democrat in the Maryland Legislature. Young Chuck credits the rise of Ronald Reagan with changing his politics, which he now classifies as “more of a Libertarian” and “Goldwater conservative.”
Who could be more respected than the woman that the Las Vegas Tribune has named the First Lady of journalism in our state, Jane Ann Morrison, who for years wrote for the daily newspaper and once wrote about Chuck Muth by saying, “Chuck Muth is an expert at ticking people off.” Because he’s a Republican, it’s a given that he infuriates Democrats.
One Democrat who knows him only from reading his national e-mail newsletter called the Las Vegan “nasty, venomous, with no compassion and no sense of middle ground.”
But he may annoy members of his own party even more because of the brutal comments he directs toward Republicans when he believes they are wrong or spineless.
Last week, he said “President-elect George W. Bush demonstrated a level of hypocrisy that was just astounding” for abandoning his secretary of labor nominee within 48 hours after issues were raised about an illegal immigrant who lived in her home.
“You mean you hid something from the public and didn’t tell everyone fully about it? Well gosh, isn’t that what George W. himself did about his drunk driving arrest? I didn’t see Republicans abandoning him for hiding that for all the years he’s been running,” Muth said in an interview.
His extensive political and public policy background includes experience as executive director of the American Conservative Union, National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Clark County Republican Party chairman, and executive director for the Nevada Republican Party.
A year ago, members of Muth’s own party threatened to sue him after he ripped Gov. Kenny Guinn’s Millennium Scholarship and the state Assembly’s Republican Caucus.
When Assembly Republicans were singing the praises of their 2000 candidates and predicting they could unseat a handful of Democrats, Muth pooh-poohed it — and did so publicly.
Las Vegas Tribune wrote, “Denise Mraz not only stole the Las Vegas Tribune media pass that gave her the respect and credibility that she does not have, but she also tried to sell the newspaper that she does not own, using names of the people who have worked hard to give the Las Vegas Tribune a name in the community.”
Denise Mraz’s legal problems keep piling up and sometimes she is seen in two courtrooms at the same time when she refuses to make good a
twenty-five thousand dollar debt and is being dragged to court.
She needed a loan and was given a $250,000 loan on a property for which she is a trustee; she was supposed to pay a ten percent finder’s fee on that money, and after she took the money, she changed her telephone number and the man who found her the money was never able to reach her to collect the ten percent finder’s fee; that man was at the Las Vegas Tribune office last Friday for an upcoming feature story that will soon be published in the Las Vegas Tribune; the meeting lasted almost three hours.
At one of her Las Vegas Tribune visits Denise Mraz was told that recalling Governor Sisolak was not only immature but a waste of time, looking at his Nevada record, and also economically impossible.

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