Democrat for a day?

(Read Chuck Muth’s column page 14)
If someone asks you exactly what is meant by “democratic socialism,” what would you say? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez answered that question this way: “What that means to me is health care as a human right. It means that every child no matter where you are born should have access to a college or trade school education if they so choose it.”
And In a recent prominent campaign speech, Bernie Sanders offered commentary about his beliefs, concluding that “in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, economic rights are human rights.
That is what I mean by democratic socialism.”
The name of an organization is Democratic Socialists of America. The socialism they champion is supposedly new and improved. They want us to believe that this time, the socialism they advocate and support is democratic. Modern democratic socialism is a broad political movement that seeks to propagate the ideals of socialism within the context of a democratic system. They word their beliefs to sound good to the uninitiated, the inexperienced.
“Medicare for all” might sound good but it would do away with all private insurance, giving the government more control over the health care industry until you might not have any say at all about your own life. And while “College for All” also sounds good, eventually education too would be in the hands of the government, which would be controlling the education of every child. The more we accept federal funds for education, the more we accept the hand that pays to have the biggest say-so in what our children learn. While we are always about teaching our children the truth and how to think for themselves, imagine when children are only taught what the government wants them to know, and thinking for one’s self is replaced with learning to think the way the government wants you to think.
Right now several, if not many, medical schools accept funds from the various pharmaceutical companies. How can the schools then ever teach against any of the products those companies manufacture and sell?
Couple those Big Pharma funds with those from the government and medical schools could then not teach what our doctors need to know, and their patients need to have them know and be able to use that knowledge, but they won’t be able to, having sold their medical souls to Big Pharma and Big Government.
Socialism today describes any political or economic theory or system that says the community, rather than individuals, should own and manage property and natural resources. While some might still get to have some personal property, that would not be the norm.
While the poor or less advantaged would find it delightful to have abundance taken from the more financially blessed, those who worked hard for their money would not necessarily agree with or feel good about the government taking from their assets and spreading them around to those who ostensibly are in need. They would willingly share, but to have their money and goods taken by the government is a whole different thing. Yet that is how it must work.
Kark Marx came up with a slogan to explain Socialism: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. The principle refers to free access to and distribution of goods, capital and services. Those who have more, “give” more. Imagine when they discover how much you have and come to your home to “access” your goods and capital. No worry! You really wouldn’t want to spend your money on that swimming pool for the children or that newer car for you and the Mrs. You can make do with the plastic blow-up pool and your old car for another five or 10 years or so. That’s what you signed on for when you gave up the former capitalist society that didn’t tell you how you must spend your money.
The idea behind capitalism is that the free market of products and ideas is owned and driven by private citizens who have private property rights and the free market serves as the basis of trade, distribution of goods, and development. In other words, one is free to buy and sell as one sees fit in a capitalist society.
We might not like a particular candidate, yet we are not just voting for a candidate; we are voting for a way of life. We can always live with a candidate we might not like, but can we live with the government making our decisions for us, even to deciding how much of our hard-earned bread-and-butter will be given to our neighbor, who hasn’t worked in six months because he just didn’t want to?

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