Why only Channel 8 attended State of Metro Address could be due to former employee

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
A former Channel 8 news reporter, Carla Aston, may very well be the reason why the television station was the only news outlet that had the privilege of covering the State of Metro Address.
Aston, a secluded and mysterious former news reporter with channel 8 is now, and has been for the last decade and a half, the Director of the Public Information Office for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, running what many have named the Misinformation Office of Communication for the department.
Aston’s dislike for the Las Vegas Tribune could be attributed to the newspaper’s criticism of a female nonofficer (civilian) running a department that had to deal with the media in the middle of first responders to a shooting or SWAT operative that not even an experienced police reporter could be prepared for.
It is not known why the Director of Public Information for one of the largest police organizations in the nation is always hiding and has never been seen by anyone; Las Vegas Tribune has been told that even some of the staff of the Public Information Office have never seen her; it is unknown if she even goes to the office on a regular basis.
It is too much of a coincidence that Aston’s being a former Channel 8 news reporter with strong current ties to METRO gave her former station the benefit of being the only news outlet covering the State of Metro Address, enabling her to report all the lies Sheriff Lombardo offered to the public.
The State of Metro Address was not even posted on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department website almost as if the Sheriff did not want the public to learn of his plans and hear his misleading information to the community.
In a letter to Sheriff Lombardo, the Society of Professional Journalists Las Vegas (SPJLV) wrote “As Nevada’s largest police department, serving more than 1.6 million residents, Metro has an obligation to keep its citizenry both protected and informed. The department sabotages this mission when it limits media access to an annual address about changes in crime statistics, the implementation of new laws and crime-fighting technology.”
The letter continued, “This is not the first time Metro, and its sheriff, have expressed hostility to the news-press. The agency was one of the most vocal opponents of recent reforms to state public records laws designed to increase access and cooperation between government agencies and the public.”
KLAS’s first time on the air was on July 8, 1953; the station was originally owned by Las Vegas Television Inc., run by Hank Greenspun, owner of the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. Channel 8 was the first television station to sign on in Nevada but lately has been losing its audience due to the number of infomercials running on the air.

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