Daily newspaper getting a taste of its own medicine

By Rolando Larraz
Las VegasTribune
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department ignored the daily newspaper by not inviting the alleged “powerful daily newspaper” to the State of Metro affair last week and the newspaper has been crying ever since then.
Las Vegas Tribune has been receiving the same treatment since the former administration under Sheriff Doug Gillespie blackballed the weekly newspaper that refused to endorse or support Gillespie’s candidature for the position of Clark County Sheriff for not findinghim apt for the position.
Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who does not take criticism lightly, followed the Gillespie administration pattern to a “T” and closed the doors of the alleged Public Information Office — which is nothing more than apublic relations office for the Sheriff and his administration — instead of opening it to those who dare to write about or report the wrongs of the department.
The Public Information Office, run by a civilian female friend of the previous sheriff, Douglas Gillespie, AKA Doug Gillespie, is hidden in a secluded room to which only “friends” of the sheriff and his administration have access.
During all the years of the Sheriff Department’s two previous administrations, the so-called “large and powerful” local newspaper never opened its pages to defend the Las Vegas Tribune.
The national organization, Society of Professional Journalists Las Vegas (SPJLV) sent a letter Tuesday to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department calling for more transparency from the department following its failure to alert the press — and by extension, the public — to its annual State of Metro address.
“For at least the second year in a row, the police department has given this address without notifying the public or press in advance.
Additionally, it appears only two news organizations in Southern Nevada were invited to cover the address this year.
SPJLV takes no issue with the outlets who did cover the event, but we are very concerned that others were not given equal opportunity” the letter read.
“SPJLV and our colleagues from newsrooms across the state urge Metro to right this wrong by enacting policies and procedures that ensure appropriate notice and access is granted to all news media organizations fairly and equally,” the letter stated.
Six local news organizations joined the Society of Professional Journalists Las Vegas (SPJLV) in a group call in the letter for more transparency but Las Vegas Tribune did not join the petition because none of those organizations have had the courage to defend that same “transparency” that they now cry for, for the twenty-two-year-old
“We do not believe that Sheriff Joe Lombardo will pay attention to the letter and we do not believe that Sheriff Lombardo plans to make any changes to his dictatorial administration,” said Perly Viasmensky, Las Vegas Tribune General Manager.

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