Denise Mraz in court again; Tribune talks to her attorney

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

What seems a typographic error with the same name in two different courtrooms at the same time appeared on the court calendar with Denise Mraz’s name. It was not a mistake; the woman was in two different courtrooms at the same time in two different cases costing her lots of money in legal fees despite the fact that she claims not to have any money left.
In one of those trips from the eleventh floor to the third floor of the Regional Justice Center, the Las Vegas Tribune confronted Denise Mraz’s attorney, David J. Winterton, in regard to the newspaper media credential that has not been returned after she stopped writing for the publication.
Denise Mraz still has that unauthorized credential thanks to the help of Detective J. Beason of the Downtown Area Command, who refused to follow up on the report filed against Mraz.
Detective J. Beason stated that he was “not going to do a thing about it” because he needed to have a price for the media pass. Newspaper credentials have no price tag; they are the property of the publication just as a badge and police credentials belong to the police department when a police officer is fired or just terminated, and as it is when a hotel-casino employee will not get the last paycheck until their badge is returned to the human resources department, but Detective J. Beason with his arrogant attitude refused to understand it.
Denise Mraz not only stole the media pass that gave her the respect and credibility that she does not have, but she also tried to sell the newspaper that she does not own, using names of the people that have worked hard to give the Las Vegas Tribune a name in the community.
“If you meet her, she seems nice. If you talk to her, she actually sounds coherent some of the time. But make no mistake, Denise Mraz is 100 percent cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” wrote Chuck Muth in the Las Vegas Tribune.
“I met this woman a few months ago. She was trying to latch onto Dennis Hof’s campaign for Nevada State Assembly District 36 — which he won on Election Day with 68 percent of the vote despite the fact that he tragically passed away three weeks earlier,” wrote Muth.
”So, when she started sniffing around Dennis’ campaign — which I was managing — looking for work, I did a little checking up on her,” continued Chuck Muth. “She told me she had recently quit the gubernatorial campaign for Ryan Bundy — which Bundy’s campaign said wasn’t true; that they fired her.
This, after being released from Dan Schwartz’s GOP gubernatorial primary campaign. Here, I’ll let David Colborne of the Libertarian Party explain this one…”
“I remember when Denise Mraz, his Clark County campaign chair for a time, showed up to a Libertarian Party event and, when asked what her candidate’s position on education was, proceeded to rant about fluoridated water and chemtrails. Naturally, we reached out to Schwartz directly to confirm whether this was official campaign positioning. It was not — she was removed from her position within the campaign shortly afterward.”
Not one person I spoke with who knew her and/or had experience working with her had anything good to say about this woman, either as a campaign operative or as a person. Not ONE.
Denise Mraz tried to sell the Las Vegas Tribune to a couple from California at the Green Valley Ranch Casino for “cash only” because she was authorized by the owner of the newspaper who is old and tired and wants out” adding that the newspaper owner’s right-hand man named Don “is here to close the deal.”
When the California couple that was going to buy the newspaper showed up at the newspaper office to see “their investment” everyone realized that she is a fake, a liar, and a crook.
Even if attorneys have the obligation to give their clients the best defense possible, we believe that Denise Mraz’s attorney, David J. Winterton, needs to know who his client really is — and all we want is what is rightfully ours, the Las Vegas Tribune media credential with or without the help of a sold-out police detective like Detective J. Beason.

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