Veterans In Politics under attack for exposing corruption and court abuse

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Attacking a single person, a group or an organization, for the solereason of not agreeing with them or for the purpose of seeing a way togain notoriety, is not serving the community.
For years, Veterans In Politics International has quietly been servinga purpose mainly in the Family Court Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada by exposing the corruption or bringing tolight any dubious possibility of court abuse of power or any illegalmaneuvering by court personnel that may include the judges.
It is well known that the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada, Family Division has been the focus of several or maybe even lots ofopen abuse by judges ruling the  wrong way just for personal reasons, benefits, or just because of ineptness.
Veterans In Politics International courageously has been exposingthose Family Court Division inconsistencies or wrongdoings, bringingit all to light and to the knowledge of court administrators, judicialcourt watch and the community even if no results are realized from that information.
We have witnessed some of the protests organized by Veterans InPolitics and have talked to hundreds of individuals who claim to be victims of the abuse by some of the family court judges, most of themby the same well-known judges that keep using the same tactics and thesame arbitrary behavior of ruling on personal beliefs or feelings and  ignoring the law.
We have seen with our own eyes judges who openly in court havesolicited campaign contributions from attorneys who are appearing before them.
What Veterans In Politics sees or hears in these family courtrooms are then relayed to the chief judges, to all justices of the NevadaSupreme Court and other officials county or statewide, so what iswrong with that?
Overpriced Third Party Service Providers, Children Being Held Hostage Until Payment is Made, and Violations of Relocation Rules should all  be exposed and the names of those uncontrolled judges must be made public.
Military service-connected disability benefits are exempt under federal law, and more recently under Nevada law as well, from all garnishments including taxes, collections, bankruptcies, and levies.
In Clark County, however, family court judges count those disability ben  efits towards child support and alimony. Veterans In Politics International lobbied for Assembly Bill 140 and 271, which passed into law, stating that a veteran’s service-connecteddisability benefits cannot be used in connection with alimony payments. However, family court judges are disregarding this law and these judges should be exposed openly and publicly, and what is wrong with that?
Veterans In Politics International is not hiding from anyone when exposing these wrongdoings that family court judges may do; the groupbravely exposes the wrong done by those family court judges and puts its name at the top of any of the complaints filed by the organization.
We may not agree with Veterans In Politics International all the time on every issue, but when it comes to its modus operandi of exposing the corruption within the family court system, we agree and support Veterans In Politics International wholeheartedly.
More organizations like Veterans In Politics International ought to be in existence, watching the court proceedings in the family court division; more court watchfulness will keep the judges in family court on their toes; exposing their wrongdoing will make the court system less vulnerable, giving rise to more court justice.

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