Trump scores big, but Pelosi disgraces herself

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

The expectation of the State of the Union address that took place on Tuesday night as planned did not disappoint. It highlighted the successful presidential career of Donald J. Trump and his record speaks for itself.
That success, however, may have been totally ignored by the arrogance of the Speaker of the House and expressed by her as she continued to show her hate for President Trump.
Pelosi claims to be a Catholic, but it is our contention that Catholics, as a rule, would not behave in such a nasty manner.
There is the possibility that the tension of the three ugly days in February have left Madam Speaker in such a mood. One, the fiasco in Iowa, then the State of the Union that she so badly tried to stop and now the end of the impeachment is more than enough to get Pelosi out of control.
Tearing up the transcript of the State of the Union speech shows that Madam Speaker has no class and has no temperament to handle politic confrontations or differences of opinion.
The Middle-Class Boom is a Blue Collar Boom Under the Trump Economy; previously left behind Americans are seeing the fastest gains.
Wages are rising faster for workers, those without a college degree, the bottom 10 percent of earners, and African-Americans.
The lowest-income workers have seen the fastest pay increase (16 percent) since the election.
Since the election, we have created seven million new jobs — including 500,000 manufacturing jobs. More Americans—nearly 160 million — are employed today than ever before.
We have gained more than 12,000 factories in three years under President Trump after losing 60,000 factories during the 16 years of the last two presidents.
The unemployment rate is at a 50-year low. African-American and Hispanic-American unemployment rates reached the lowest levels on record.
Millennials have gained two million jobs, and their wages have grown nearly 5 percent annually.
Real take-home pay for a typical middle-class family has already increased $5,000 in only three years.
Median household income is at the highest level ever recorded. Almost 2.5 million Americans have risen out of poverty — including 1.4 million children.
To help struggling areas in every state, the Republican tax cut created opportunity zones to encourage the creation of new jobs in areas where they are needed most.
The Nevada Economy Is also Doing Great. At 3.8 percent, Nevada’s unemployment rate is matching its record low, and the labor force participation rate is rising.
Since President Trump’s election, 126,000 jobs have been created in Nevada — including 17,000 manufacturing jobs. Over the last year, wages increased 6 percent for goods, producing workers in Nevada.
The 61 opportunity zones in Nevada are attracting investment to previously forgotten communities, including in Carson City, Clark, and Washoe counties.
Nevadans’ homeownership rate is up 6 percentage points since the election.
At $57,000, real median household income in Nevada is up 7 percent under President Trump.
President Trump touched every important issue that made his three years as president a success, but not one single word about the impeachment, perhaps surprising many of his political foes and most likely infuriating Pelosi, but the President did the right thing.
President Trump went on the offensive against socialism and left-wing policies during a defiant third State of the Union address to Congress Tuesday night — drawing groans from Democrats in attendance and prompting a furious House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to tear up her copy of Trump’s speech as soon as it concluded in a remarkable scene.
Asked about the moment by Fox News afterward, Pelosi said she had destroyed the speech “because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives.” She also said she was “trying to find one page with truth on it,” but “couldn’t.”
Pelosi showed the most ridiculous behavior and lack of control leaving us to wonder if her age is taking its toll on her behavior for her political position and if she is capable of continuing in her current position.
Trump’s State of the Union speech could be considered a success and raise the president’s popularity even higher than what it is already despite the opinion of the Democrats and their followers.
Bringing up the issue of socialism was a way to tell the world that the American people will not tolerate any anti-democracy system and that communism is not the American way.
We are now in the position of alerting the American people and it is our job and responsibility to follow that alert.

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