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Allow me to say something about last Monday’s fiasco in Iowa.

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
It was good being at the Regional Justice Center after so many months being absent; it was a good feeling to see some of the judges and see some of them smile at me from the bench. Judge Hardy, from the bench, told me that he did not recognize me; it could be because of seeing me sixty pounds lighter and sporting my new look, Kojak style.
It has been a few months since it happened, but I want to take the time to congratulate attorney Bob Beckett for the winning strike of one case that no one predicted was winnable, but Beckett did it: a murder case wherein his client was found, by a jury, innocent. Not guilty is one thing, but innocent is a very different story! Congratulations, Bob!
And now allow me to say something about last Monday’s fiasco in Iowa. It was a complete embarrassment! Can you imagine…if the Democrats cannot even handle the results of a small Caucus, how can they handle all the issues that a country has to handle?
I don’t want to bet on former Vice President Joe Biden too much, after all, he is even a little younger than me, but why doesn’t he stop trying? He is not presidential material and he is the only one that does not want to see it that way.
He was more or less a perfect vice president, but that is as far as he can go in the political world. Biden ran three times for president before and this is the fourth time after eight years as VP, but he is at the end of the line; even Mayor Pete is more popular and maybe better known than Biden. Just what is it that he needs to know before he stops trying?
We should thank Joe Biden for his service to the country, in Congress, in the Senate for forty years and as Vice President, but his time is up and he should realize that it is time for him to stop hoping and dreaming for a job he would not be able to handle or perform.
Thirty-six years of being supported by the American people is enough.
It was very emotional that president Trump recognized Juan Gualdo as the real president of Venezuela and we feel for the people of Venezuela, but President Trump, Senator Marco Rubio and others who are speaking out for Venezuela have to understand and realize that Cuba is much closer to the United States and has been suffering the tentacles of communism much longer than Venezuela has.
I understand that Cuba has no oil and Venezuela does and there is nothing in Cuba right now that is important to the American politicians but Cubans are humans also and they need to be as free as others may be; sixty-one years of suffering under communism is a little too much for any nation.
It is easy to attack Venezuela from a free country perspective of eating steak and drinking Cristal Champagne, rather than to attack a communist regime from inside the monster’s mouth.
But at least now we have a president who has stopped the political and diplomatic relationship communication with the criminal government that rules the Caribbean Island.
Univision’s Jorge Ramos and his television crew were lucky when a year ago they flew to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, to interview the country’s dictator and were held captive at the palace for asking “out of line” questions.
The interview was stopped, the recording were confiscated and the cameras taken away without anyone saying one word when he tried to play the same game he played with President Trump in the United States during a press conference.
They were very lucky. I would like to see Ramos and his crew playing the same game in Cuba with Raul Castro; no one will ever hear from them again because Raul Castro is a real dictator.
When Fidel Castro was jailed after attacking a military base in Cuba he was incarcerated at the Isla de Pino prison that was supposed to be a very bad prison, but Fidel Castro had a television set, his own telephone line in his cell because that is how real dictators treat their prisoners.
It is very important that people realize the difference between Communist regimes and the Democracy system.
Like I always say, the difference between communism and democracy is very obvious: democracy is the exploitation of the man by the man and communism is the exploitation of the man by the government. Remember that always.
We are very lucky to live in a country where we still can ask questions of public officials and the worst is that when public or elected officials do not want to answer a question, they just are “not available to you or your publication,” as it is with Sheriff Joe Lombardo in regard to the Las Vegas Tribune.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
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Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column
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