Running for elected office should be a privilege

City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman
For many running for an elected office is like applying for a job, but for a few running for an elected office, it is a privilege that the community offers them, especially when winning is a secure thing due to the right connections or the city backing, but for a few running for an elected office, it is a privilege that the community offers them, especially when winning is a secure thing due to the right connections or the city backing.
But that is not the case of Nevada Assembly candidate Erik Sexton, who is running for the seat now occupied by term-limited John Hambrick who assumed office in 2008.
Everything seems to be wonderful, but like everything in life there is always a “but,” and Erik Sexton is no exception.
Erik Sexton hired David McGowan as a campaign manager because of his reputation and winning record, but there is a serious possible problem. David McGowan may be, in the eyes of many, double-dipping with a city of Las Vegas job as a Chief of Staff for one of the city’s seven members of the council.
David McGowan, through his status as a current public employee of the City of Las Vegas in City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s office and liaison for the councilwoman and his private employment as a political campaign consultant in the councilwoman’s ward, has explicitly violated the following provisions of NRS Chapter 281A:
NRS 281A.400(2) Using his position in government to secure or grant unwarranted privileges, preferences, exemptions or advantages for himself, any business entity in which he has a significant pecuniary interest or any person to whom he has a commitment in a private capacity.
NRS 281A.400(5) Acquiring, through his public duties or relationships, any information which by law or practice is not at the time available to people generally and using the information to further the pecuniary interests of himself or any other person or business entity.
Working as a private consultant on a political campaign where his candidates are running in the ward represented by Councilwoman Victoria Seaman (whose office he is employed in) and where they may be seeking campaign donations and endorsements from elected officials create a situation where the public and private aspects of Mr. McGowan’s two jobs can intersect in an unethical manner.
Being employed in a job with direct access to an elected official in the City of Las Vegas creates a situation that should be, at the least, monitored by ethics officials or, at best, lead to an investigation on both public and private levels to see if ethics violations have taken place.
This investigation should, ideally, include: Conducting an audit of Mr. McGowan’s activities at Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s office in his capacity as her liaison to her Ward and determining if any of his activities as a public employee have benefitted political candidates currently employing his political campaign consulting services in a private manner — NRS 281A.400(10).
Questioning Mr. McGowan’s current clients that are political candidates if Mr. McGowan explicitly used the fact that he currently holds a position in the City of Las Vegas with close proximity to Councilwoman Victoria Seaman that could exercise influence with the councilwoman in their favor as a possible benefit in hiring him for his campaign consulting services and if he has used information privy to a select few in the City of Las Vegas government or the councilwoman’s office to benefit his private clients — NRS 281A.400(2).
Questioning other candidates in Councilwoman Victoria Seaman’s Ward not employing Mr. McGowan’s services of whether they received information from Mr. McGowan that has influenced their campaign decisions in Mr. McGowan’s favor — NRS 281A.400(5).
Democrats always, unjustifiably, remind President Donald Trump that no one is above the law, but it could also be applied to city employees because, after all, no one is above the law.

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