Denise Mraz’s legal problems pile up

Is Denise Mraz working for Sheriff Joe Lombardo? Is Denise Mraz an undercover police officer? Is she a snitch? Or is she just lucky. Inquiring minds want to know.

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Is Denise Mraz working for Sheriff Joe Lombardo? Is Denise Mraz an undercover police officer? Is she a snitch? Or is she just lucky. Inquiring minds want to know.

Denise Mraz paraded up to the court podium flanked by her attorney who, despite her financial problems, is still by her side — this time asking the judge to dismiss one of her cases.
Kevin Wiltz, in proper person, files an opposition to defendant Denise Mraz to dismiss.
According to court papers obtained by Las Vegas Tribune, Kevin Wiltz has filed his complaint on July 24, 2019, alleging Breach of Contract, Breach of Covenant of good faith and fair dealing, Unjust Enrichment, and Fraud along with a lien on a property alleged to be owned by Denise Mraz and used by her as collateral on a quarter of a million-dollar loan.
Now Denise Mraz is appearing in court asking a judge to dismiss the complaint because she was “not properly served.”
As the Las Vegas Tribune has learned, Denise Mraz was given a loan for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with ten percent of that money payable to Kevin Wiltz as a finder’s fee, but the total amount was kept by Denise Mraz and never paid to Kevin Wiltz.
As way of disclaimer, Las Vegas Tribune has had its own share of sad experience with Denise Mraz; she is well known for breaking deals on behalf of others without authorization; she was trying to sell the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper when the newspaper was not for sale using the little information she learned in the very short time she contributed the articles she offered to the publication.
On August 14, 2019, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were contacted by the Las Vegas office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) due to information they had received regarding a solicited murder plot and the intended victim being a Las Vegas businessman, but because the crime was out of the FBI’s jurisdiction, the Las Vegas police were then notified.
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police learned of the identity of the suspect, Denise Mraz, on August 16 and a police report was filed on August 20, but as far as we know nothing came out of that report; but did anyone ever really lift a finger to investigate?
On the second of December of last year, the Las Vegas Tribune filed a report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police for a stolen media pass naming Denise Mraz as the perpetrator, but later on, a telephone call to the newspaper by Detective J. Beason stated that he was “not going to do a thing about it” because he needed to have a price for the media pass. Thus far, it is not known what the relationship between Detective J. Beason and Denise Mraz is for his refusal to proceed with the investigation.
Newspaper credentials have no price tag; they are the property of the publication just as a badge and police credentials belong to the police department when a police officer is fired or just terminated, but Detective J. Beason with his arrogant attitude refused to understand that.
Denise Mraz accused the newspaper of meeting privately with Nevada Republican Party Chairman (GOP) Michael McDonald for the newspaper not to write bad about Sheriff Joe Lombardo who, she claims, was McDonald’s partner when he was a member of the LVMPD, but Michael McDonald never visited the Las Vegas Tribune office, never met with anyone from the newspaper, never had a discussion with anyone with authority to make deals on behalf of anyone, much less the Sheriff.
Denise Mraz is well known in political circles for crediting herself with managing political campaigns where she was either not known or blocked from their campaign.
Denise Mraz, in the very few weeks she contributed to the newspaper’s content as a CONTRIBUTOR only — not as part of the administration — tried to control who writes and where their writing was placed. Once she wrote a text asking us not to feature Chuck Muth, a long-time contributor with an excellent record and even a better readership acceptance by being on the front page: “dont headline chuck muth anymore, please his best buddy, grover norquist being outed with tulsi gabbard and other CFR by john kennedy jr on twitter we don’t want to promote anyone affiliated with Council of foreign relations, and that is muth through norquist”
That is literally the text Mraz sent to the newspaper, close to being slander, which was ignored by the Las Vegas Tribune’s administration and real owners.

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