“Australia’s Culinary Treasures” By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by True Aussie Beef and Lamb)

When seeking healthy, nutritional meat and lamb for your family, look to Australia for the answer! Imagine Aussie’s oh, so juicy King of Steaks, Wagyu beef as well as their exceptionally tender Aussie Grass fed beef and lamb are available throughout the United States for your dining pleasure.

As a restaurant, show and travel reviewer for more than 20 years, I have tasted both and there really is a difference! Eating Australian beef and lamb is like a celebration, an evening to relax, take your time and appreciate every bite.

Grass fed Aussie meats and lamb don’t need anything, they are jewels by themselves!
If you wish to add a fusion of flavors, sauces and spices, preparing dishes from other countries, the True Aussie Beef and Lamb website offers some of the most sensational recipes by famous international chefs:

Spice-and-herb-crusted, grilled Aussie Wagyu steak;
Herbs de Provence grass fed Aussie beef rib roast;
Pan-roasted grass fed Aussie ribeye beef, potatoes au gratin, spinach, roasted tomatoes, roasted shallot demi;
Espresso-and-vanilla-rubbed grass fed Aussie lamb loin;
Grass fed Aussie Lamb, mushroom and Beer Pot Pies;
Kimono grass fed Aussie lamb burger;
Thai-style Red Curry grass fed Aussie Goat;

See their website for recipes and information: https://www.trueaussiebeefandlamb.com/ https://www.trueaussiebeefandlamb.com/recipes/beef/#

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TRUE AUSSIE MEAT AND LAMB: At True Aussie, our goal starts with educating chefs and the food community at large about Australia’s unique pasture-based production practices.

Our lambs graze on pure, natural Australian grasslands and pastures throughout their lives, resulting in lamb that’s delicious and mild tasting, flavorfully lean and tender, and free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants. These are just some of the many reasons you – and your guests – will love naturally raised Australian lamb. With little-to-no bone, and well-trimmed of fat and waste, there are economy.             

Environment and Sustainability:
Aussie beef, lamb and goat producers care for animals and the environment as the core of what we do. Because so much of our livestock are raised on pasture and natural grasslands, care for the land is critical to our success around the globe. And that care extends from the paddock all the way to the plate, in how generations of family farmers seek to continuously lessen our impacts on the planet at every stage of the process.

Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, and travel specials
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