Return of Radio Tribune postponed

Las Vegas Tribune Staff
The host was ready, the guests, former and present president of the Latin Chamber of Commerce were ready, but the board and controller of the equipment were not ready and the new show had to be postponed.
It was a real disappointment, but the show’s host, Rolando Larraz, optimistic as always, reminded the invited guests that Las Vegas is known for late openings and mentioned the now-defunct Landmark Hotel that was late twice for the gala opening; the Regional Justice Center that was twice late opening due to different reasons. And, the installation of a translucent roof for the $2 billion football stadium being built in Las Vegas for the NFL’s Raiders is months behind schedule, but officials say it should be ready by the start of next season. An independent monitor working for the Las Vegas Stadium Authority, however, says the target date for occupancy could be in jeopardy; and most recently the old Fountain Blue Hotel, now renamed Blue, has been behind schedule for almost two years, so why not little Radio Tribune, he asked.
It was a moment of sadness, but both Otto Merida and Peter Guzman were very understanding and after some comments, they were all seen walking to the Esmeralda Restaurant for a friendly lunch.
Larraz has published the Las Vegas Tribune for the last twenty-two years, after being a victim of a corrupt Las Vegas Police Department with the help of sold-out prosecutors; already retired Larraz bought the Vegas Times newspaper from Real Estate agent Ron Macco, changed the name to Las Vegas Times, took all the advertisements from the font page, making it look like a real NEWSpaper, and months later renamed the newspaper the Las Vegas Tribune.
After several botched attempts to take both the newspaper and the radio station from the legit owners had been unsuccessful, along come the critics and the bad words about the newspaper began; Larraz never solicited any help, never solicited any partners, never solicited or approached anyone, but many have been walking through the doors of the newspaper asking to be part of the little weekly that “no one reads” and after twenty-two years “no one knows this newspaper” according to detractors that get infuriated when they cannot take over the newspaper.
During a conversation with one of the people responsible for bringing Radio Tribune back to the airwaves, that person bragged that he has “put too many people in prison for no reason at all” and Larraz took that as a threat to his freedom; it is not clear if the man is an undercover agent or a snitch, which is even worse because snitches always work for their own best interest, but Larraz wanted to put that on the record. The man’s wife and two witnesses were present when the threat was blasted.
These are the same people that Denise Mraz tried to sell the Las Vegas Tribune to and shortly thereafter, these same people came into the picture and it is possible that they are together in their intentions of taking over the newspaper.
Radio Tribune will come back, Larraz assured us. “If we have waited one year we can wait for one more,” the newsman stated.

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