“The Aussie Asian Dinner Experience!” By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

I was invited to a unique Aussie Asian Tasting Dinner, a meal to remember, by the True Aussie Beef & Lamb Experience. After living in Australia for a year, this was a chance to taste the famous Australian beef and lamb again as well as learn how to cook their recipes.

Members of True Aussie welcomed us to their unique dining Pop-Up event featuring the flavors of Asia and the proteins of Australia. Well known James Beard award-winning chef Roy Villacrusis prepared our five course tasting dinner, a culinary trip around the world from the Philippines, to Korea, the Philippines, Japan, and Asia.  

What a festival of flavors, a different taste with every bite! I have always enjoyed eating Australia’s celebrated grass fed beef and lamb cooked many ways but when they add Asian spices and sauces it becomes a feast!   


Kilawin (cooked) Australian luxury Wagyu beef- a unique breed prized for its famous marbled beef quality. The Wagyu beef bowl was filled with an exciting Asian-fusion of ingredients:  Kinilaw (raw) Prawns with crab fat, similar to butter, the spices of the labuyo chili pepper, with juicy lato sea grapes and chicharon flakes for a little crunch. Chef Roy choose not just vinaigrette but coconut vinaigrette dressing for that extra taste treat.

This is the Philippine’s native dish similar to crevice.


The next course featured Kalbi (ribs) lamb loin shaved (cut thin), in dolsot cookware that keeps food warm, bibimbap (bibim means mixing different ingredients, bap means rice) with pa muchim (pa means scallions and muchim rice), a seasoned rice popular with grilled meat dishes.

This is a Korean rice dish.


Kaldereta of goat (stewed goat meat in tomato sauce and spices in a large metal pot.) The dish is served with root vegetables and steamed pandan rice (pandan leaves).

This is the Essence of Australia- Goat meat stew. We usually don’t see goat on American menus and I was eager to taste it.


Binchotan charcoal grilled grass fed beef (skewered) with creamed cauliflower, adding the maitake and honshimeji mushrooms in wagyu fat and truffled soy butter;


FIFTH COURSE- SWEETS: Creating desserts with rice and using Wagyu fat.  


The True Aussie Beef and Lamb Experience- serving the best of Australia on a plate, they both are sustainable and all natural, proteins that are easy on your waist and your conscience. Explore the natural health wonder from down under- Australian beef and lamb, the perfect marriage of nutrition and flavor.

I interviewed Chef Roy and filmed the dinner both to air on my television program, had time to dine on their fantastic meal, and met Chef Michael Poompan, (Ritz Carlton in Denver), and Chef Alessandro Zerla (Venetian, Las Vegas) with the room filled with chefs from around the United States.

The True Aussie Beef and Lamb Experience introduced and inspired chefs in ways to awaken the flavors of their quality and sustainable Australian beef and lamb.  

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