The homeless war continues

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
No more Mr. Nice Guy! From now on, coming to work and finding a homeless person at the front door sleeping — and who then gets upset because he is being woken up and starts throwing things out before he takes a pee — is a thing of the past.
From now on every time a business person sees someone sleeping at their front door they will likely pick up all their belongings and do what we do — put it out on the sidewalk.
The sidewalk belongs to the city, so if the city does not know how to clean up the mess from the homeless, the city should be shown how, since they are responsible for picking up their trash, their entire mess and their dirty laundry.
If City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz wants to protect homeless people who interfere and interrupt the everyday business of those who pay for their business licenses, pay extremely high-priced power bills, cover payroll and pay for other miscellaneous incidental expenses… then City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz should be responsible for picking up their trash from the city’s sidewalk and not from the business’s front door.
Another solution would be for all the businesses downtown to close their doors for a day and see how the city coffers will suffer; but of course, that is impossible because many of the attorneys in the downtown corridor do business, one way or another, with the city and they are all aware of how vindictive the city government can be.
The homeless people can make a big commotion by protesting and interrupting the casino business instigated by some Liberal-Communist group that has nothing better to do but to become an ally of the homeless, but the city does nothing about it because City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz wants to play Robin Hood and ignore the wealth-fare of the business community so why not hit the city where it hurts the most — in the coffers.
For now, we can take all the homeless people’s belongings and place them on the city sidewalks; and if that does not work, here’s an idea: we can find out where City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz resides and take all of their property away from in front of our places of business and place it in front of her home.
Attacking the mayor is unfair; the mayor is only one vote while the rest of the city council holds the other six votes, and at least two of those votes, from City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz and City Councilman Brian Knudsen, are to protect the homeless.
Most of the homeless have a government check, disability check or social security check; some of them have two of those checks, but they are too busy gambling, drinking or doing drugs; many of them carry all three of those habits so they are homeless because of their own free and voluntary choices.

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