The Alpine Hotel: its slumlords and victims

It is always easier to blame the person next to us; it is always easier to blame the weak person, the less powerful, the person who has no tools, knowledge, or financial power to defend themselves or the one who may look more guilty than the others.
It is a fact that slum landlords are a problem, but a further fact is that the slum landlords would not exist if the city inspectors and the code enforcement Gestapo would do their jobs.
They become too friendly with the slum landlords and all those who operate openly without business licenses, health inspections, insurance and many other various (city, county or state) licenses.
That is no excuse for why those slum landlords abuse their tenants in their living quarters or businesses by ignoring the lack of heat or air-conditioning, which are necessities in a city like ours.
It has been reported that the Alpine Hotel tenants have been without heat for a very long time and it has also been reported that the facility has not been inspected by city inspectors for three years.
Many of those tenants were forced to turn their stove on to warm themselves because of the lack of heating units.
It is difficult to sleep or do anything in the cold; the owners of the property may sleep, take a shower or have dinner in their warm homes, and most likely the city inspectors and the code enforcement Gestapo who act and believe like they are above the law also sleep, take a shower or have dinner in their warm homes while others suffer the consequences of lack of warmth and the abuse of their unfair treatment at their hands.
Ignoring the difference between a room or an apartment and a shed is as dangerous as letting several seniors sleep in a cold room—in many cases dying in a cold room. How do they know that such a shed— built in one weekend by nonprofessionals—is safe and that whoever sleeps in it is not at risk for the roof coming down?
It is easy to suit the slum landlord who may or may not have the financial backing to fix their property to code standards, but how do the city inspectors and the code enforcement Gestapo know that if they have not been on the property for three years? How do they allow building apartments without the approval of the planning commissioners?
Planning commissioners, city inspectors and Gestapo agents with the code enforcement are as guilty and dangerous to the community as the slum landlords that allow seniors to die in a cold room because they are too cruel and cheap to fix their property’s heating system.
The residential code enforcement is the same as the commercial code enforcement when it comes to health issues and the heaters in places of businesses where people work with others with health issues and those who are more prone to get sick; susceptible people can catch a cold and pass their virus on to the rest of those at the place of work, which is no small thing.
Have Planning commissioners, city inspectors and Gestapo agents with the code enforcement department ever tried to type on their computer with their warm “winter” gloves on? In fact, when was the last time one of them had even sat in front of a computer?
Let’s be realistic. But not only planning commissioners, city inspectors and Gestapo agents with the code enforcement are also guilty of negligence; the so-called “supervisors” who hide in the little closet they call an office, ignoring all the problems and calling “meetings” every time they felt like talking to subalterns or wanting to feel important by ignoring telephone calls and ignoring questions when someone—such as this newspaper reporter—asked questions.
Let’s not stop there; the entire city council—with the exception of the city manager who is not an elected official—and all those bureaucrats who are under the impression that because the public gave them the trust of their votes and that they are now above everyone else are as guilty as well.
Fire safety violations at the Alpine Hotel go back almost three decades showing a great deal of negligence on both sides; either the Alpine Hotel owners ignored the city violations or the city of Las Vegas allowed the violations to be ignored.
Maybe an outside investigation is in order to find who among city officials and employees are guilty of allowing misfortunes like the Alpine Hotel fire to last for three decades.
Maybe it is time to replace the planning commissioners and supervisors at the code enforcement department.
A few days after the fire at the Alpine Hotel, the city released the telephone calls made to the 911 operator noting that the calls had “been edited for time and clarity” but it can be taken even as it has been edited to cover the ineptness of someone in the Main Street mausoleum called City Hall.

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