The Downfall of Dictators 2020… The Year of Revolutions

The United States of America — Life, Liberty, and Freedom.
By Wetonia Bridges-Houlihan
The United States of America — Life, Liberty, and Freedom. It is the United States of America, our values and the envy of the American dream, that set the stage for what we see happening across the globe today. A surreal moment in time, where other countries are waking up to the corruption and tired of the dictatorship that forces them to live under government rule.
Protests are filling the streets in some of the most unexpected places. We see mass amounts of people in Hong Kong, uprising in song, sung by citizens not of our nation, but yet praising our American Freedoms.
Hong Kong, once a British colony, changed hands in 1997, back under the control of communist China. Protests in Hong Kong began when an extradition bill passed that would send all criminal suspects to China.
Fear of unfair court procedures and treatment for Hong Kong citizens caused them to rise to the occasion and begin filling the streets.
They have been forced to fight for freedom in the most American way, grasping for what we take for granted on a daily basis.
Venezuela, as we all see, is a complete mess. There is no independent government. Judges chosen from the previous government has made it impossible for any real law and order. A country once one of the richest, now has no medicine, no food, and is a huge humanitarian
violator. America watches from afar as Venezuela desperately fights for human rights. Venezuelans are literally starving, while the top figures of government eat like royal pigs. Gluttony at the highest level. Greed follows as they grab hold of its citizens and hold them
under their boot, with the “Do as I say, Not as I do” mentality. This is Socialism. This is Communism in-the-making. Citizens are hiding as to not be murdered by their own corrupt government; it is a rogue hierarchy that has no conscience whatsoever.
Now Iran. We are watching the fall of the MOST disruptive and divisive regime in history. We know the name. The Islamic Republic. We know exactly what they are. Terrorists.
This is nothing new to America, nor is it new to the rest of the world. We have seen it time and time again. The difference is that we are awakening the people of Iran to a world they have been told is the enemy.
Since the 1979 Revolution, Iran has been the enemy to its own people. Women’s rights are at the bottom of the food chain in Iran. Women removing their hijabs in the name of FREEDOM is proof that Iranian citizens are ready to move into a westernized world once again.
A woman in Iran cannot even hold a passport or leave the country without the “permission” of her husband. When it comes to religious freedoms… forget it. The Iranian Regime instead jails any Muslim who converts to Christianity under “Missionary work.”
This is Dictatorship. No Rights. No Freedoms. No Going Against The Grain. Today Iran has placed itself as the eyesore of war, finally admitting to shooting down a Ukrainian aircraft, killing all on board.
“Down with Iran!” A chant heard from the streets of protesters. Have the people of Iran finally had enough? Are the citizens finally strong enough to go up against the brutal Ayatollah who has instilled fear into their very core of existence? Let’s hope so.
With all things said, the world is in upheaval. Why now? Who brought all this corruption to light? Who can we thank for standing up for the rights of the people? One name. TRUMP.
The Trump presidency has changed how America deals with unruliness. He
hits them economically.
SANCTIONS! No war required.
No matter where you look, you see people rising against their governments. Against corrupt officials and the corrupt systems that put them there. A government doesn’t make the country. The people make the country. The morals and values of the people make the country.
From the looks of it, “We The People” Have Spoken.
* * * * *
Wetonia Bridges-Houlihan is also known as the Aggravated Hippie. Expect the unexpected with High On Politics… where truth will be found out and the truth will be told. Follow her at

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