An Open Letter to Councilwoman Olivia Diaz

If you as a public official want to play that game that is fine with me, but ...
Open Letter to Councilwoman Olivia Diaz

If you as a public official want to play that game that is fine with me, but …

Councilwoman Diaz, I know we have never met and you don’t know anything about me except what your friends — those who most likely do not know me or don’t like me — may tell you about me.
So you decide to ignore my phone calls, you decide not to respond or comment on any of my articles in the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper that for the last twenty-two years I have bravely published in this community.
I want answers, Miss Diaz, and by taking the position of not responding or commenting on any of my articles, I assume that your friends have misinformed you and have not told you how stubborn I am.
If you as a public official want to play that game that is fine with me, but I am not going anywhere, for three years I have published the picture of a Las Vegas Bailiff (they are now called Marshals) in the courtroom of the Honorable District Court Judge Donald Mosley (whom I respected and admired) until the bailiff took a course in how to deal with anger management; I would not mind seeing the same with you,
Councilwoman; for now I am going to begin publishing photos of the dirty stuff I find in our Ward 3: drug paraphernalia, condoms, and all the other dirty items that we are exposed to in Ward 3.
If you do not know how to respect me as a citizen and you do not want to respect the professional work of the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper, that is your choice; but I would like to remind you that I am a Cuban stubborn mule and everyone on the entire council of which you are a part knows me and can tell you that nothing bothers me more than when my calls are ignored.
I am going to assume — and you know what happens when one assumes — that your unprofessional behavior is based on political reasons because I am not part of the same party you belong to; furthermore I am going to assume that your unprofessional and shabby behavior is not because of my nationality of origin because we both know that is illegal.
If you want to take advice from campaign managers that this newspaper does not support and listen to their ill advice, it is up to you.
As a friend, I am the best friend anyone can have, as long as you do the job the people of Las Vegas elected you to do. As an enemy, I am the worst.
It pains me to start this cold war with you because someone very close to me, someone I respect and admire to the max is also very close to you, but I would not be doing my job if I let that guide me in my service to this community.
I have been in Ward 3 for sixty years and I do not have to hide from anyone; I answer my own telephone and face my own music; everyone knows that.
I have supported and endorsed Democrat candidates when they deserve the endorsement and have withdrawn those endorsements when they betray or double-cross the people of this city.
It is up to you, Ms. Diaz, if you want to come with the white flag or you want a war, but let me remind you that if you go to war with me you go to war with the best.
Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

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Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

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