Eric Bolling is now on Channel 3 Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tribune Staff
Finally one of the major networks is able to offer the American people another side of the political corruption that exists in the nation today by allowing a conservative show with a well known and respected political commentator like Eric Bolling.
On April 2, Mediaite reported that Sinclair was set to debut America This Week, a new weekly program hosted by Eric Bolling in what could have been an effort to give a fair and balanced news perspective, but the network did not have the right promotion and publicity because we just learned of the show this past Sunday by a miraculous mistake.
It is about time that the media giants give the public the opportunity to make their own choices and not try to force their liberal socialist-communist mentality on the minds of the American people.
If their liberal socialist-communist mentality is so great, why should they be so afraid to allow their audiences to hear the other side of the story and allow them to make their own choices, avoiding an unbalanced force-fed one-sided story?
The first episode did include appearances by several members of the Trump inner circle: former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and 2020 campaign adviser and the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.
Bolling is a newly official Sinclair personality who has been making appearances on its national programming for months, and he also hosts a streaming show with right-wing outlet Blaze TV.
Back then Pam Vogel with Media Matters for America wrote, “Eric Bolling’s new show for Sinclair Broadcast Group brings the worst of right-wing media to local news.” And today, nine months later, she wrote, “Bolling was previously a host and co-host at Fox News — where he regularly trafficked in conspiracy theories, misogyny, and race-baiting” and it begs the question of what Pam Vogel thinks Chuck Todd and George Stephanopoulos have been doing for years and even more now since the American people elected a real president for the first time in a very long time. Brainwashing the minds of the American people, lying to the American People, and misleading the American people — that is most likely Pam Vogel, who may be well known at her home at dinner time, looking for her fifteen minutes of fame she may have never seen Chuck Todd or Hillary Clinton’s puppet, George Stephanopoulos shows because neither of them has ever had a conservative on their shows.
We monitor the Sunday shows because it is our job to do that and sometimes we vomit during those shows because of the one-sided view of the reporting.
Sinclair Corporation should do their job right and promote their new show as a positive show that will benefit the nation as a whole; there are more members of the media with a liberal socialist-communism mentality who are free and willing to hurt the minds the heads and the
American voters for the right amount of money than there are news people to educate and tell the real story.
A few questions we have for Pam Vogel are: How do you think George Stephanopoulos earned the eight million he has in his coffer? Do you think he is a better journalist than you are? Do you think he is really honest and fair to his audience? If you do we have a London Bridge to sell you.
The Eric Bolling show airs on Sundays at 10 a.m. on Channel 3.

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