The public is not given both sides of the story

The Las Vegas daily newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, may not be serving the community as well as they pretend to be.
Beginning with the first Sunday edition of the publication where the headline pointed out the astronomical amount of homicides in just one year, a reporter’s headline by Rio Lacanlale, claimed that homicide is down in Las Vegas making us wonder which story is the most accurate.
ABC’s George Stephanopoulos appearance before the American people every Sunday by bringing only one side of any story to his TV broadcasts, representing only Democrats with their liberal mentality,
and members of the mainstream media with their full-blooded Socialist/Communist ideas who have no idea how dangerous and misleading the socialist-communism regime can be.
Chuck Muth, president of Citizens Outreach, a conservative organization based in Las Vegas, and of Citizens Outreach Foundation, and also a weekly contributor to the Las Vegas Tribune, recently
discovered that the yearly exposé of Las Vegas’s daily newspaper about the judicial system in Nevada with its “Judging the Judges” is outsourced by another group.
The “Judging the Judges” project, unfortunately, was not conducted by the RJ or its reporters,” explained Muth. “It was actually produced by the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada, whose stated mission on its website is ‘to understand and improve the lives of women and girls in our state through research, education, and action.’”
Was the daily Las Vegas Review-Journal’s lack of candor regarding informing its readers that the “Judging the Judges” project was not an in-house project unintentional or purposely obscured?
As far back as we can remember, the Las Vegas media has never gone against what government officials want to feed the public unless an outside publication comes in and reveals some type of inconsistencies
or corruption.
It is easy to allow the government to present Jerry Burgess as the perpetrator of a kidnapping that never took place than to dig for the truth.
Since walking into the Las Vegas Justice courtroom on the day Sandy Murphy and Richard Tabish were presented in court and seeing the players in that case we knew that neither Murphy nor Tabish were
guilty of the crime they were accused of; a few years later we were found to be right when the two of them had their sentences reversed.
We were the one and only news organization that doubted the guilt of Margaret Rudin and believed that her defense attorney, Michael Amador, was pushed out because he was doing a good job of defending her and they needed someone to play up the government’s side. Ever since the era of Hank Greenspun at the real Las Vegas Sun, and then Ned Day—who first wrote for the North Las Vegas Valley Times,
after the daily newspaper killed the competition at the Review-Journal—the media has always kept a humble silence in favor of government.
Can anyone forget the infamous summer of 2006 when the Los Angeles Times surprised the Nevada community with a series on judicial corruption in Nevada?
Just right after that exposé from an outside publication and with no shame, the daily newspaper copied in its entirely the article in the Los Angeles Times on Nevada’s judicial corruption.
Do we honestly believe that a newspaper (online or otherwise) that is heavily financially supported by any group, commercial, gaming or political party can be fair and report the truth? Of course not!
This year, sixty-five judges’ seats are up for election and/or re-election and it is the duty of the media to make sure that the citizens are well informed of who the judges or candidates are along with their pros and cons.
It is a reality that the Las Vegas Tribune has been trying for years to make it clear that the judicial races are controlled and manipulated by the legal community, by lawyers, law office employees, court employees and others tied to, in one way or another, those judicial candidates and their races; the great majority of the public knows nothing about those candidates and it is the media’s responsibility to bring that knowledge to its readers or its viewers.
The above could also apply to the rest of the many other races that are at risk this year. We urge the citizens of the United States of America to learn about the candidates; we urge the citizens of the United States of America to ignore the arbitrary socialist one-sided media and do their own homework before making a decision and casting their vote.
This year’s election is very important with drastic consequences for years to come. We can’t limit our vision to the short term — we must think of the many years ahead.

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