I’m back—with a lot to say about Hispanics and speaking Spanish…

By Perly Viasmensky
Greetings! It has been a long time since my last column and I know there is more than one person hoping for my passing. Unfortunately for them, I am still alive and kicking.
I have spent a long time in the hospital because of a very bad accident and a couple of surgeries. While in the hospital I suffered a couple of heart attacks.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Blanca Gonzalez Rivera who stood next to and behind me during a very difficult time.
Now, let’s talk a little about the preferred subject matter of the Hispanics and the new Democrat-Socialists of latter times — DISCRIMINATION.
Many Hispanics in the United States who have been brainwashed by political organizations feel they are discriminated against, but very few want to accept the fact that they discriminate against everybody else.
Discrimination can be very damaging regardless of your personal experiences; it’s even worse when it’s language discrimination or just being a member of a group that is often discriminated against, such as individuals who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
Language discrimination can very well fall under a class of unlawful discrimination known as national origin discrimination. It is illegal to prefer one language over another.
There is a very old local business that employed, for many years on the books, mainly Mexicans and Central Americans, the majority of whom were undocumented, making the lives of others born and raised in this country — who had the misfortune of accepting a job at that particular place to avoid going hungry, homeless or even worse, to become a public charge — just miserable.
Those Hispanic people — mainly female — who so arrogantly speak of discrimination are the perfect bullies of that local business. They speak constantly in Spanish against that young woman born and raised in Nevada, knowing she cannot speak a word in Spanish, but you don’t need to be a mind-reader to know when others are speaking against or about you and making fun of you.
Regardless of what those Democrat-Socialist organizations and the Culinary Union might think, people born in this country are still Americans, and they are entitled to speak the language (English) they learned since the day they were born.
Those arrogant Hispanics speaking about discrimination that came to the United States and especially the State of Nevada, many of them, uninvited, need to accept the fact that if they want to be here, they need to learn English and stop believing that others need to learn Spanish to accommodate them even more.
In the particular department where that young woman works in the local business, she is the only English-speaking person, there is not even an English-speaking African American. Everybody else speaks Spanish, bullying the only person that does not speak their language, and she shouldn’t, because after all, she is on her own soil.
For those of you who read my commentaries, but don’t know me personally, I want to let them know that I do speak with an accent, so in no way, form or shape am I being racist or discriminatory, but it is fair to assume that you cannot speak about discrimination when you have the audacity to mock a member of the home you took possession of without even being invited.
After all, everybody in this melting pot has a different accent — New York, Boston, and every other state in the South has their own accent, but we all speak English.
We all need to remember that to speak about discrimination, and racism in many of the cases, we all need to remember that language discrimination falls under a class of unlawful discrimination known as national origin discrimination.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas tribune.com.

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