The ACLU Is Our Enemy!

By Wetonia Bridges-Houlihan
Las Vegas Tribune
The American Civil Liberties Union, otherwise known as the ACLU, has been around since 1920, founded by several prominent people in our history: Helen Keller, Roger Baldwin, Crystal Eastman, Walter Nelles, Morris Ernst, Albert DeSilver, Arthur Garfield Hays, Jane Addams,
Felix Frankfurter, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Rose Schneiderman. They began as a singular voice for free speech during anti-war protests.
Somewhere throughout history, the ACLU has become the political lobbying organization that is anything but.
Truth be told, the ACLU is nothing more than a non-profit 501(c) organization that has morphed into a conglomerate of anti-American, anti-tradition, progressive-liberal narrative, which seems to hold the top rank in donations for the biggest anti-Trump organization. What do I mean by that? It means since Trump came into Washington, D.C., ACLU donations have doubled! This is according to their own website and they are quite proud to announce it as such. Imagine if we had a group like that for your everyday, hard-working American citizens!
With 1.2 million members, and an annual budget of over $234 million for 2018, the ACLU has the means to keep fighting whatever policy they feel is “unjust” in their eyes. From what I see, all of their fights favor left wing politics.
The ACLU calls itself a group “For The People,” but who does the ACLU really represent? From the looks of it, they represent everyone and everything but the citizens of the United States. It is no secret that they take pride in flaunting their resistance against our Constitution. A quick look at their website and you’ll see the first and foremost thing that blasts out at us on the front page…
The right to vote. Freedom to choose. Safety at the border. Our rights can’t wait. Donate now and your one-time gift will be matched up to $750,000 through midnight December 31.
We stand on principle. The ACLU stands up for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law — regardless of the repercussions.
Come to America illegally and the ACLU will fight for your “Constitutional Rights”…. Excuse me, but our Constitution is for American citizens. Since when does climbing a border wall and
disregarding our system of law and order earn you a place in America?
This is what the ACLU does — they protect those that are coming here to change our way of life. Our American Dream is so good, they come here in caravans! We have watched it for three years, and who do you think is representing them?
The entire being of this organization is to use our own Constitution against us and by the looks of it, they do it very well. They fight alongside Planned Parenthood for the fight to kill unborn babies; they fight for the illegal aliens crossing the border for their right to our Constitution; they fight free speech, as long as you’re not a Republican; I could go on and on. It seems the main interest of the ACLU is to dismantle our laws to twist and fit an agenda larger than
any of us can imagine. Think Globalism.
Once President Trump came into office, this group went full speed ahead. The ACLU decided to take on Trump and his administration just three days after his inauguration. They alone have over 100 lawsuits out under the Trump administration. What types of lawsuits you might ask… they range from the infamous “Muslim travel ban” to the Freedom of Information Act; and according to Business Insider, the ACLU lawsuits consist of 56 lawsuits against the president himself as well as his administration.
Aside from lawsuits and the clogging up of our court system, who is funding this organization? We know there are many contributors to this anti-constitutional group, but who are the top donors?
According to billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk, he himself is one of the biggest donors to the ACLU. Yes, the same individual we know as the creator of, which is now PayPal, and also the same owner of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Musk even boasted about his donation status
on Twitter.
Now let’s look at who is invested into Tesla. Look no further than George Soros. If you don’t know the name George Soros by now, you simply are not paying attention.
A little background on George Soros.
He is founder of many progressive liberal organizations. The main frame for his work you will find at Open Society Foundation. He believes in Globalism and Open Borders. He donated $32 billion to the ACLU. This is a man that rose to fame for turning his own in during the Nazi invasion—a Hungarian-born boy, who then used himself as a weapon against his own while they were hiding from persecution. Is this truly the type of person we want bulldozing our free America?
In August of 2019, The Hill did a write up on the inner workings of Soros and what his philanthropic interests truly are. The article reported that George Soros is more than just the founder of the Open Society, but a dominating force in our own politics. The piece that
caught my eye most was this: Federal election records show Soros was one of the top 10 donors to Clinton’s 2016 election effort, giving a whopping $10.6 million to her campaign and the super PACs supporting it.
Soros sought to build U.S. pressure on Ukraine policy in 2016; he turned to Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, as a prelude to Nuland.
“Both the migration crisis and Ukraine are part of his view of Europe as falling apart, and the U.S. as ultimately not doing enough to prevent the political disintegration of its most important ally,”
Vachon wrote Podesta in a March 2016 email that U.S. officials say was hacked by Russia and published by WikiLeaks. That email sought a meeting with the Clinton campaign chairman.
Besides George Soros, and various other high dollar donors, the ACLU had another person on their side. Former President Barack Hussein Obama. After 9/11, then President Bush put forth a registration program called NSEERS, National Security Entry-Exit Registration System. The ACLU, as well as several other organizations were pushing for the removal of this program. Obama did as he was told, terminating the NEERS registry in December 2016. Joanne Lin, Senior Legislative Counsel then wrote in a statement: “NSEERS was a completely failed counter-terrorism tool and massive profiling program that didn’t yield a single terrorism conviction in
nearly a decade. The ACLU applauds the Obama administration for terminating NSEERS for good. With this action, the U.S. is on the right path to protect Muslim and Arab immigrants from discrimination.”
Now let’s think locally. What is the ACLU doing here in Las Vegas? The most recent fight against us is from the homeless who are living on our sidewalks, residing in our parking garages and on just about any side street, storefront and alley. The city officials see the problem and have adopted a new ordinance here in the valley that will clean up our streets and make them safer.
We have others who think living like those in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York is the American dream and are pushing against said ordinance as being “inhumane.” So let’s ask those individuals and groups that became a coalition opposing the bill — the Faith Organizing Alliance, Nevada Homeless Alliance, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, the ACLU of Nevada, Make it Work Nevada, Make The Road Nevada, Mass Liberation, Caridad, Straight from the Streets, Mi Familia Vota, Nevada Conservation League, Community Counseling Center,
Indivisible OWLs, Latinos Unidos— Latinx United, Law Office of Lisa Rasmussen, Law Offices of Kristina Wildeveld, Life After Release, Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, Nevada NOW, Nevada Youth Activist Alliance, Paradise Las Vegas Indivisible, Reformation Lutheran Church, Trans Pride Foundation, and more — how “humane” is it to watch someone sleep on the concrete? Or how “humane” is it to watch the homeless urinate and defecate on the sidewalk, smoke meth, slam dope and threaten and physically assault law-abiding citizens? Is that how the ACLU defines Freedom? We live in the Best Nation, and as time goes on, these groups are quickly making us live in third world conditions.
Here’s to Freedom!

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