Judges wrongly under fire

Judge Amy Chelini and Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson may be victims of police vendetta
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Judge Amy Chelini and Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson may be victims of police vendetta

Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, acting like their useless counterparts, the Nevada Insurance Commission and the Public Utility Commission, which are always away from the people they are supposed to defend and represent, have taken time, energy and effort to attack, offend and demoralize two great public servants who are far from being “a threat to the public.”
Regardless of what the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline may have said, strong public sentiment believes that the issue is wrapped in the tentacles of the vice unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
A THREAT TO THE PUBLIC is when a sitting judge with 99 judicial complaints against him sentences a defendant to double the time because the Spanish-speaking defendant MAY commit the same crime after he finishes his time. Where was the Nevada Commission on Judicial
Discipline when now-retired judge Douglas Smith, AKA Doug Smith, sentenced a young Cuban defendant, Dagmar Diaz, who appeared before him and is now serving a twenty-five-year unfair sentence?
Where was the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline when the same judge, Douglas Smith, revoked the bail on another Hispanic man and told him it was because he did not like his “tone of voice” when the defendant thanked the judge before leaving the courtroom?
Where was the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline when defunct judge Conrad Hafen accepted a case that was out of his jurisdiction to help his friend, local attorney Phillip Varrichio, and ruled in favor of his friend, local attorney Phillip Varrichio?
All these cases are way more close to being “a threat to the public” than a judge swearing in the back of her courtroom or a judge looking for the best personnel for her staff.
It is the hands of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Vice Unit for having a mother protect and defend her young daughter.
Las Vegas Tribune is very familiar with the level of corruption by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as any number of articles have proven the lack of honesty and ethics that the late Homicide Detective Gordon Martines, police Sergeant Norm Hahn and other members of the
Las Vegas Strip police force experienced by those who were too cowardly to put their names to their statements.
It is a well-known issue in the Clark County Regional Justice Center that when Justice Court Judge Karen Bennett-Haron reminded some members of the LVMPD that she was in charge of the courtroom she presides over, the police union under the direction of Detective Kallas went out in force looking for a challenger in her campaign for reelection.
We are not even going to use the space in remind everyone of the hate that the police department publicly expressed against The Honorable District Court Judge Lee Gate and his wife, County Commissioner Yvonne Atkinson-Gate, another two victims of the hate coming from the Las
Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
Perhaps we need to remind our readers about the Margaret Rudin case. Detective David Kallas played Miss Rudin’s sister to make her testify against her own sibling.
Margaret Rudin did twenty years in a Nevada penitentiary and most recently the Parole Board denied her the opportunity to spend Christmas on this side of the gates of a Nevada prison.
Attorneys, court personnel and anyone else may want to believe that the simple sexual insinuations of wearing a sweater in the back of the courtroom, one or two bad words or an opinion, against or in favor of who should or should not be their court administrator is no reason to attack those two judges.
It has been the presumption of this publication for a very long time that the police department wants to run the court system by telling the district attorneys who to prosecute and who not to, leaving the control of the judges to the deputy district attorneys, and the defense attorneys are left behind betraying their paying clients or the ones paid by the taxpayers’ money. Judges Melanie
Andress-Tobiasson and Amy Chelini are honorable members of our judicial system and the Las Vegas Tribune management, ownership and staff are here to support them all the way to the end.

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