Denise Mraz is no longer part of the staff of the Las Vegas Tribune

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Denise Mraz, who for the last twelve weeks has so graciously donated her well-written columns to this publication, is no longer part of the contributing team for the Las Vegas Tribune.
As she knew from day one, and as we always made it very clear to those who offer their writing and other contributions to the publication, we cannot afford to pay for freelance writers; we are not a 501 (c) corporation collecting astronomical amounts of money in the form of contributions from casinos; our name is the Las Vegas Tribune, not the Nevada Independent or any other non-profit corporation trying to exploit its readership.
Not only that, but Las Vegas Tribune IS NOT FOR SALE and NEVER WILL BE FOR SALE. We have learned of an individual calling himself Don, last name unknown, trying to sell the Las Vegas Tribune for “cash only” and that is not true. That is a scam and that guy named Don, along with Denise, may have been trying to scam the Las Vegas community.
The only Don legally authorized to exercise any legal transaction on behalf of the Las Vegas Tribune is Don Snook, who has been part of the Las Vegas Tribune for the last forty years, has always been very proud of his last name and most everyone in Las Vegas knows him personally.
On Monday, December 2, 2019, while at the Las Vegas Tribune office, we requested that Denise Mraz return the newspaper-issued Media Pass and she turned around, got into her car and left, almost hitting an incoming vehicle entering the newspaper’s parking lot.
The Media Pass that Denise Mraz has in her possession is no longer valid and if used, is illegal and against the newspaper’s rules and regulations.
The short time Denise Mraz has been voluntarily cooperating with and writing for the Las Vegas Tribune. has been one problem after another, what with her trying to give orders and change everything around.
The only orders given in this newspaper are by the Managing Editor, Maramis Choufani, and by the long-time Production Manager, Donald H. Snook.
Denise deeply dislikes a highly reputed contributor to this newspaper; she does not like that writer and was “ordering” that someone else’s article be placed on the front page (in lieu of his) because he is part of this or that “cult group.” We have never had that type of relationship within our group before.
I, Rolando Larraz, as the man wearing many hats — from Founder to Publisher to Editor in Chief, to court reporter, and even janitor — have never made any deals that could affect the outcome of a story or hurt the community.
I do not “make deals” with anyone to “save the Sheriff’s butt” in any way, shape, or manner.
In this newspaper there is no content editing, no censoring, and no cover-ups; we are who we are and that is why we cannot afford to be any other way; sometimes I agree with the writer and sometimes I disagree, but I bite my tongue and do not touch the article. What I do not and will not tolerate is fighting among ourselves in public.
We need peace and cordiality among ourselves; we have enough fighting with the Democrats. Back-stabbing is never acceptable, much less among the people cooperating within a small business.

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