Schiff may have been confused on the issue

Adam Schiff may have been confused
By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Adam Schiff may have been confused

During a Sunday interview with Socialist television host Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Democrat Adam Schiff may have mistakenly stated that “they have to protect the whistleblower from the president and his allies because his life may be in danger.”
Adam Schiff may have been thinking that he was dealing with the Clinton Crime Family with more than thirty-eight dubious deaths attributed to them.
Unlike the Clinton Crime Family, so far President Donald Trump has not been confused with, tied to, or connected to any death of people that disagree with him or are in their way in one way or another.
On November 5, 2016, the Denver Guardian website published an article positing that an FBI agent investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server killed himself after murdering his wife.
There was no truth to this story. The Denver Guardian is simply a fake news website masquerading as the online version of a (non-existent)big-city newspaper.
Like the Baltimore Gazette or perhaps the Baltimore Post-Examiner, both of which have invaded the Las Vegas area, creating the possibility that they might be working with the corrupt vice unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to entrap people that are on the black list of the unit, the Guardian is nothing more than a
hastily thrown together website with a bunch of non-working links and a fake street address all created for the sole purpose of disseminating fabricated click-bait news stories.
It is difficult to compete with online publications that do not adjust to the truth and that is why many readers believe that Las Vegas Tribune does not have as many “followers” or readers because we just stick to the truth and nothing but the truth.
In speaking to a Washington insider, she was very shocked to learn that George Stephanopoulos is worth 40 million, asking out loud how is that possible.
Mr. Stephanopoulos worked in the Clinton White House and is, according to many knowledgeable political insiders, “Hillary’s puppet” and that is why he is worth 40M.
Las Vegas Tribune has written several articles and editorials pointing out how dangerous people like Todd and Stephanopoulos are when it comes to endangering the American mind.
It was no one surprise to see Schiff on Chuck Todd’s political television show because they are all in the same category, but there is no doubt he will decline an invitation from Sean Hannity or anyone else on Fox News because he may not have the courage or the intelligence, for that matter, to go face to face with anyone on Fox News.
Nothing is more important to those Socialist-Communist-Democrats than spreading their fake news and lies in their news outlets and on their poisoned television shows.
President Trump does not need to “hurt” anyone who does not agree with him.

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