Newspaper record speaks for itself

District Court Judge Joe Bonaventure Sr.

By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group

District Court Judge  Joe Bonaventure Sr.


The Las Vegas Tribune is a weekly newspaper that was published in print every Wednesday for nineteen years and it is now online, still dedicated to exposing the truth, and the staff and management of the publication take pride in defending the Constitution of the United States, the rights of the people of this great nation and fighting for the fair treatment of all, regardless of race, sexual preference and religious choice.
Las Vegas Tribune may not have as many “followers” or readers as other online news outlets claim to have, but what Las Vegas Tribune writers publish is accurate and is based on truth and nothing but the truth and no one’s opinion can change that.
Going back a few years, as the story goes, the publisher of the at-times-controversial weekly newspaper went into the chamber of then District Court Judge Joe Bonaventure Sr. to deliver a fresh copy of the publication while the judge was standing by the door of his chamber chatting with some of his staff members when the following exchange took place — as related by some of the parties involved:
Rolando: Good morning, Judge.
Judge Bonaventure: Good morning. You know, Rolando, I do not want that newspaper in my chamber.
Because the relationship between the two (the judge and the publisher) has always been very professional, courteous and sometimes amicable when they ran into each other at the old Aladdin Hotel, the Las Vegas Tribune publisher thought the judge was just joking and responded with “Your chamber, Judge? Is it not the people’s chamber?” but when the judge’s face showed that he was not joking, Rolando picked up his newspaper copy and left without saying another word.
Weeks later during a monthly judges meeting, Larraz walked in and quietly sat at the end of the room while Judge Bonaventure was waving a copy of the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper in which Fred Cozen had written an article about the ongoing conflict between some judges and then County Court Clerk Shirley Paraquirre that the judge happened to
agree with and was happy to see the article in the newspaper that he did not want in “his chamber.”
During the so-called Trial of the Year where Sandy Murphy and Richard Tabish were on trial for murder for the accidental overdose death of casino mogul Ted Binion, the newspaper contention was that neither of the accused were guilty while the rest of the local media disagreed and fed the national news their news agency executives’ side of the
story they wanted to build; later, on appeal, the Nevada Supreme Court proved the Las Vegas Tribune to be right.
Our opinion and clear coverage of the trial changed many minds and many readers’ opinions who, at the beginning, were not sure of their guilt, and finally came to their senses and agreed with the newspaper.
During the Margaret Rudin murder trial Las Vegas Tribune was the only newspaper to expose the relationship of Detective David Kallas with the defendant’s sister so Margaret could be found guilty with the lack of legal representation and the help of Detectives David Kallas and Phil Ramos, who in the newspaper’s opinion, railroaded the accused defendant who ended up doing twenty years in a Nevada prison.
The second OJ Simpson trial was no exception; the Las Vegas Tribune maintained that the former Hall of Famer was railroaded and made to pay for the not-guilty verdict in the California murder case where he was accused of murdering his ex-wife. It was the Las Vegas Tribune’s contention that the betrayal of some of the Simpson’s so-called friends and business associates were part of a conspiracy paid for by Ron Goldman’s father and Simpson’s former sister-in-law.
OJ Simpson’s mistake was not to call the police and let the law enforcement officers retrieve his property, he did not know how the law and justice is enforced in Nevada and made the mistake to believe that justice is the first priority in the Nevada Judicial System.
While the Las Vegas Tribune is the only newspaper that does not follow protocol and does not hide the truth from anyone, it is refreshing to see how the staff and management take pride every week in defending a president that was duly elected by the people of this great nation, even if not by popular vote.
When the campaign of then candidate Donald Trump named Charles Munos to be its representative in Nevada and Arizona, the newspaper questioned the motive for that move considering Munoz was an inept and “not prepared to fit that shoe” and was in that position because of his wife’s political connections and what some consider “a push from
some within the Nevada Republican Party”; the results proved the newspaper right.
Over the last several months, the Las Vegas Tribune and this reporter, has published articles about a Nevada Judge, Allan Earl, who rendered a Ruling that violated a United States Supreme Court Case Precedent.
Judge Earl’s only agenda for such a Ruling was to pay a non-prevailing attorney contrary to Trust Law and statutes in both Nevada and New Hampshire. Judge Allan Earl had a problem with his Ruling and award of attorney fees. All assets were held in a Family Trust created and governed under the laws of New Hampshire.
Defending Clark Feely’s case caused the newspaper owner, Rolando Larraz, to be attacked while on the air doing his radio show by an upset member of the Feely family, but that did not stop the newspaper to up-to-this-day defend and fight for Clark Feely’s case, showing a judicial abuse of power and lack of fairness.
From day one the Las Vegas Tribune has been exposing the unfair reporting of the daily newspaper on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authorities and the connection of the newspaper owners with the Sands Convention Center, a fact that after the alleged “small weekly newspaper that has fewer readers than other online outlets” brought that connection to light is when the reporter assigned to that series of articles started publishing the disclaimer of the ownership of the convention center and the newspaper writing the story.
Just yesterday the lawyer for the former Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), who by the way, is not a fan of the Las Vegas Tribune, proved the newspaper right when in open court stated that Anthony Sgro, who is defending Ralenkotter, accused the daily newspaper of conducting a vendetta against the former Las Vegas
Convention and Visitors Authority CEO to make him out to be a “corrupt, greedy and unethical enemy of Las Vegas.”
The defense lawyers opposed the Review-Journal’s request to obtain an unredacted police report supporting a warrant to arrest Ralenkotter and the other defendants. “The lawyers questioned the independence of the Review-Journal, arguing that it is owned by the family of Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson. The casino company operates the Sands Expo & Convention Center, which competes with LVCVA-operated Las Vegas Convention Center” which is exactly what the Las Vegas Tribune had maintained from the beginning of the series of attacks on Ralenkotter.
Coincidentally, ALL articles written by Las Vegas Tribune under Rolando Larraz, Alexandra Cohen or Sunny Day exposing the daily newspaper’s unfair and unfavorable attacks on Rossi Ralenkotter are nowhere to be found on Google search engine or any other search engine, but articles not unfavorable to Brian Greenspun, the owner of the Las Vegas Sun insert in the daily newspaper, are found in the Google engine. Coincidence? Or is the Las Vegas Review-Journal using its power to silence the Las Vegas Tribune?
As President/CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Rossi Ralenkotter is responsible for marketing and branding Las Vegas. It was at one time a common practice for any establishment in the casino industry to give out comps, so why single out Rossi Ralenkotter or others in the same daily newspaper-targeted group?
The opening statement of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is another proof that the Las Vegas Tribune does not lie and it always tells the truth regardless of who, how, when and where; this newspaper has been telling its readers how the mainstream media is controlled by Socialist-Communist Democrats that try to distort the truth and mislead the American public and the rest of the world with lies.
From CNN:
“Congress investigating Russian investment funds with ties to Trump officials”
That was false.
From the New York Times:
“Trump Campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence.”
That was false.
From Slate:
“Was a Trump server communicating with Russia?”
Misleading question.
From New York Magazine:
“Will Trump be meeting with his counterpart or his handler?”
Misleading question.
From the Guardian:
“Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy, sources say.”
That was false.
And from Buzzfeed:
“President Trump directed his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to
Congress about the Moscow Tower project.”
That was false.

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