Do I believe every cop is dirty? Not at all…

By Rolando Larraz
Every time someone tells me that another publication is better than the Las Vegas Tribune, it makes me proud of the job we are doing and the editorial view of this publication; every time someone tells me that I wear too many hats, it makes me feel like the multi-task man that is divided into many parts to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished.
Someone once told me that I don’t have as many readers as the Nevada Independent, but I am very proud of ALL and every one of my readers because they do appreciate a real and honest newspaper that publishes the truth and nothing but the truth.
We are not paid for our work but we are a bunch of honest journalists that may not speak with a fancy Buffalo accent, but the truth does not have barriers and is not controlled by any of the casinos that pay for the Nevada Independent voice and editorial; we are not for sale and that makes me very proud.
It is a very sweet and satisfying feeling to know that we have given up our Bentleys, our Cadillacs, our California summer vacation penthouses all for the satisfaction of telling the truth and exposing the corruption that our lovely city may have.
I am an old man already; when the Las Vegas Tribune was born I was already retired, enjoying my life and satisfying all my secret desires, but then I became a victim of dirty police work and unscrupulous cowardly police officers that hid behind the badge and the gun and relied on the trust that citizens like me placed in them while they were willing to stab anyone and everyone they can in the back.
Do I believe that every cop is dirty? Not at all, I believe that we have a very honest, hard-working, straightforward police force, but it cannot be seen that way because the management is the problem, the morale is on the floor and the lack of support of the police administration given to the men and women in the field makes it impossible for the those in the department to fight that stigma.
When a police detective wants to force a regular average citizen to become a snitch, it is despicable; it is bad enough, but when the police detective wants to force that citizen to lie and to create the “story” they want to portray at any cost, that is dirty, unprofessional, and very low; and when the regular citizen refuses to play their game and they make an alleged criminal out of that naive citizen by planting false evidence, that is cowardly and unprofessional and the one who does it becomes like a cancer and a drug pusher among the LVMPDs best.
Steve Hill was a Clark County Deputy District Attorney that refused to play and follow that game; when he refused to prosecute the victim of that police corruption by saying that he “could not prosecute that case because it was obviously planted evidence and an obvious case of entrapment, he ended up dead; they killed him.
In all wars innocent lives are taken, but others like David Kallas, Rod Mathis, Frank Sutton, Dan Harness, Mike Bunker, Bobby Hitt, Max Huggins Sr., Roy Chandler and a bunch of many other dirty cops have to suffer in their own skins—or even in the skins of a close relative—the consequences of their own bad actions.
Some may think they are lucky, like Lieutenant Tom Melton, who, after making the life of Detective Gordon Martines miserable while under his command at the homicide unit, was himself embarrassed by getting arrested and having his law enforcement career destroyed; but even if he was not sent to prison, he had the same suffering and misery come to him as he sent to an honorable and decent human being like Detective Gordon Martines.
Is anyone going to tell me that in reality the two kilos of cocaine that the police claim was stolen from Detective Max Huggins Jr. undercover police car was really stolen? If you believe that I will sell you the Golden Gate Bridge.
What about the narcotic snitch who was killed by his partners in crime after the narcotic undercover agents told the real bad guys who was snitching on them? Was that an accident or just a turn of bad luck?
We, as a team for a newspaper that has but a few readers, including me—as an old regular average human being— believe that the Las Vegas residents have a problem trusting and believing our police undercover,
plainclothes detectives who use and abuse their badge and their gun because they do not have the manhood to act like a man, do things behind the scenes, in the shadows of the night, because they do not know how to be or act like real men.
I’d rather have fewer, but more selective readers than the larger indiscriminate readership that the despicable Nevada Independent may have. I would love to see those who not only believe in that online socialist rag being better than the Las Vegas Tribune, but those who go to work for that paper. They all belong together anyway because trash is trash.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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