SOTA scheme exposes proposed homeless ordinance toothlessness

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
The Homeless Tsunami will never end. Think SOTA; think officials who are being reactive instead of proactive; think gateway to a corridor tax.
On November 6, the following statement regarding the homeless ordinance will be presented to be read into the record at the 9 a.m. November 6 Homeless Ordinance hearing at Las Vegas City Hall, a city with the 8th largest homeless population in America.
The Homeless ordinance proposed needs to be revised for the following reasons:
1) 311: The proposed 311 call status for patrol means little will be accomplished since these calls go into the lowest priority pool for service by dispatch for regular patrols. The 311 must be directed to a task force dedicated to the effort day and night.
2) Hand-up: Something as simple as a free P.O. Box for 6 months or a year so checks and mail relative to legal issues, personal issues could be the hand up to lift some out of homelessness. Access to the internet can provide a stop-gap to keep people from being homeless.
The Courtyard, the one-stop shop provides some services and more can be added.
3) SOTA: We urge the Las Vegas delegate to the National League of Cities meeting Nov. 20 in Austin, Texas, to put a block on NYC Project Reconnect, the SOTA program for shipping homeless here. The Special One Time Assistance project purchases a bus ticket with taxpayer dollars to the destination of their choice and awards grant recipients several thousand dollars in cash to relocate to more affordable places.
I urge this council to initiate a pledge at the meeting to oppose SOTA, which simply transfers the problem of homelessness and that NYC take responsibility for their own problems. Nevada is sovereign, so is NYC. Tell them to solve their own damn problems.
4) Tax: The ordinance as it stands is a gateway to another unjustified tax to the corridor enterprises bearing the costs of failed reckless sanctuary public policy. The Trump administration has made grants available to cities for this cause and this should be considered as a funding source.
5) Task Force: A dedicated SOTA, managed by Metro to shield cross-contamination against public safety risks of typhoid, mrsa, and other communicables; and the handling of biohazard with quarantine, not limited to transportation of the belongings/animals/scooters of homeless for collection. The taskforce may also deploy a dispatch model, calling for animal control and trash clean up, but those units are overrun now.
6) LEOs are assets: The authors of this ordinance hold the honorable profession of law enforcement in contempt; highly trained law enforcement officers would be regulated to a city clean-up crew. We spend too much on LEO programs to have them be clean up too. They’ll find other things to do and the problem will never be solved.
7) Budget: The ordinance demonstrates the chronic lack of governmental foresight often found in reactionary governmental programs that were caused by reckless public policy in the first place. How will the program not be a burden on society?
8) Violates NRS: The ordinance, funded with tax dollars instead of charitable giving, has the propensity to violate federal law on supplying healthcare to illegals, which means an ID to receive services would be required. The penalty for receiving such funds by the illegal would be deportation and potentially loss of the non-profit status of the Salvation Army. On October 4, President Trump signed an executive order denying the use of federal funding for
illegal aliens to be supplied any medical services by any taxpayer-funded programs which would include incarceration, homeless shelters, and all medical professional services they receive, even indigent healthcare. This would include any and all tax collected under NRS 428.175, NRS 428.185, Fund for Hospital Care to Indigent
Persons or NRS Levy of tax ad valorem for remittance to Fund or 428.285.
Further, the work of the Salvation Army Courtyard may be in direct violation of the Federal Law even though its non-profit status may direct it to provide medical services to illegal aliens.
9) Increases Crime: Enforcing this in the City of Las Vegas without solving the root cause problem, Cloward Piven’s economic policy and rampant illegal alien sanctuary and reactive solutions instead of proactive enforcement will just push the homeless out into the county, or down into the tunnels, or towards crime to survive.
A proactive approach beginning with a patrol at the bus station to check ID by E-verify would be a start. It is widely known progressive funded groups are financing one-way bus tickets from illegal friendly states to flood our fine city whose economy is mainly entertainment.
To combat trafficking, and provide a last-chance safety net to salvage runaways’ innocent lives lured by the glamour of Las Vegas before the gullible are trafficked into prostitution, we must strike at the root of the problem and arm them with information.
I support all efforts to clean up the homelessness issue, but we must consider all the factors; the ordinance needs more work.
#SOTA #NYC #homeless #LasVegas — Don’t California Our Nevada is political news 501(c)4 non-profit to elevate Constitutional education, in this case, sovereignty, unjust gateway tax, proactive community policing to benefit greater society. Contributions at the patriot website accepted.

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