California refugee Blass leading Silver State Sisolak recall effort

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Efforts led by California refugee Angela Blass of Elko have gained significant ground this month. Recall Rallys around the state are stopping in Las Vegas Valley on November 16, 2019. The rally at Bali Hai on Las Vegas Boulevard, at the Las Vegas Welcome sign, is expected to draw at least a thousand.
The movement, Fight For Nevada, launched the campaign during the legislative session when Sisolak violated the Constitution by signing a number of communist-style policy bills into law.
A list of the bills can be found on the website, as well as testimonials of the intended consequences of the egregious legislation. Nevada Policy Research Institute has similar information and critiqued viewpoints substantiating the claims made by the recall group.
Weighing in on the most damaging pen strokes was list-topper Nevada AB483, the Orwellian requirement mandating odometer readings that must accompany every new vehicle registration. The bill has been labeled as necessary to gather information for “future” road projects in Nevada. A fine print review of the legalese points to its ambassador status as more tax.
In an attempt to stymie the recall, Sisolak has changed the recall laws as Governor to require 25 percent from voters in every county instead of 25 percent Statewide. The move was made to increase the threshold for recall so Sisolak could avoid the coming ax.
But it likely worked in favor of the recall. As time has gone on, the veil has been lifted and various groups including indigenous backers have seen the agenda for one-world government motivating much of the policy of the current administration. Urban centers are far more liquid than the stability of the rurals.
The estimated amount of signatures needed in Clark County is just short of 180,000. Every signature will be verified to have originated from someone who voted in the 2018 election, for any candidate.
So if you have just arrived, your voice cannot be heard on the recall petition even though you may be the one suffering the devastating consequences of the new policy, such as the soon-to-be mileage tax approved by Sisolak.
Another campaign promise broken is the funding of schools for pay raises for teachers, which doesn’t seem likely, given the shortfalls in the education budget.
So if you registered after the November 2018 election, your opinion means squat. And that will clog the recall effort. According to a 2018 GLVAR report, the average residency of a Las Vegan is just under 3 years. With the high turnover of a population of around 2 million by attrition, many residents who voted have likely moved on.
This displacement agenda was manufactured by the destabilizing Resilient Cities program, a government subsidy for implementing UN-based city planning agenda for federal funds originally tied to soft-on-crime policies to under 25 years-of-age crimes. The fact that Vegas has one of the highest turnover rates in the country means it’s likely the destabilization will make a recall very challenging, even with a solid ground. The petition must be personally signed; online petitions aren’t accepted.
The entire process reminds one of patronizing a store in which you leave with a lemon of sorts and there are no exchanges or refunds.
When the buyer becomes aware of the faults, one real choice is just to move on. But in a state going broke with measures increasing government interference, they have little recourse but to live miserably or leave.
Last in education, 8th largest homeless population, police corruption, and an activist judiciary give residents little hope that times will change.
The only reason SJR14 was canceled is lawmakers in the Democrat majority have found other ways to triple property tax statewide to cover rumored pending announcements for Steve’s stadium overages. Most current residents won’t be surprised; anyone with an abacus could count room keys and see the vast discrepancies of available rooms projected for the stadium opening that was a “tourist attraction” when the convention business already had the room capacity in the corridor at 95 percent. With PSL’s at $10,000 in a working man’s town with no tailgating party pads like the Raiders of old, and minimal VIP party rooms, it’s possible the sordid mix won’t pencil out according to the original plans. Sisolak will go down as the king of the cannabis reign in Nevada sooner or later; he made zero friends and many enemies when he broke his promise to fund schools with cannabis tax money, only to slot the $100 million into the rainy day fund instead. But whose left to hold him accountable? Today, the pesky news of receiving over$700,000 in political contributions probably led the public right to the truth, deals made were all Slick Willy Style.
And who lost?… the schools!
One thing becomes crystal clear — the residents are merely an inconvenience for Reid Politicos. They are cash cows for a government with self-imposed urban plight problems such as sanctuary schools. No accountability or transparency with revolving-door residents!
The con is nothing less than promises on the wind because those who heard it are already gone.

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