Closeted for 50 years American Commission on Law Enforcement finally comes out

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
President Trump is establishing a new executive Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, the first such American commission on law enforcement in half a century.
This just in on the heels of the US Attorney General Nick Trutanich who disappointed hugely October 21, 2019 with a “no cajones” Press Release about Grand pimp Mally Mal.
The intended purpose of the move leaves no doubt Trutanich doesn’t mind cop killers, gangs, and mob rule in Sin City. Perhaps since he just arrived, he thought that’s how it’s done around here, because that’s the way it’s been since before he was born.
Rule of Law judges will be running away from the bench, not for the bench, until this is fixed, and with good reason. Surviving in the criminal cesspool environment Trutanich marked as his territory wrote in putrid yellow cursive ‘Anything Goes for Las Vegas’ wouldn’t be for the types of judges who think Marbury vs. Madison was a good ruling.
The ‘prosecutorial discretion’ in the Mally Mal case was a pedal on the gas effort for criminal enterprise which served to fuel trafficking, the seven days it lived. I bet Trump’s team will be ordering up all kinds of emails and reports from Lombardo Central, to track exactly what is going on, which produces whistle blowers.
And it proved the case that much more—the need for the commission is real, the time is now. So get ready. Like the other Commissions, the public will be asked for data and documents, testimonials, and any information including their opinions supported by facts the Commission may need to restore Law and Order.
As is his style, it appears Trump placed Trutanich as a test; either sweep the House of Justice clean with his new broom, the Executive Commission, or find yourself in the pile. That’s been the pattern at every appointment for administrative government, the DOJ, Chief of Staff, and so forth. Trump’s hand is flush with aces against jokers who are cunning, but unwise.

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