None of Vegas Strong funds ever released to the massacre victims

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
In an unfathomable raping of pubic goodwill, documents published by Angela Blass, Director of Recall Sisolak, a campaign to remove Steve Sisolak from the Governorship, prove funds intended for the victims of the Route 91 Massacre were not dispersed to the victims or their families.
Calls to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund have gone unanswered, but at last count, the fund had collected from people all over the world in excess of $32.5 million. The fallen are annually commemorated by a grand memorial of 58 handcrafted white crosses displayed on the Astroturf in the shadow of the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. Instead of storing the handcrafted donated crosses in a protected location from the merciless desert sun, the City piles them behind a dumpster just north of the municipal garage, uncovered, for the paint to bake and peel off.
No bother though. The Crosses for Losses donor, Greg Zanis, of suburban Chicago, repainted and placed the crosses as a memorial after the Oct. 1, 2017, Route 91 Harvest festival shooting, and again a year later in October 2018. In 2019, Clark County asked he instead place them outside the county government center downtown from noon to 2 p.m. only on Tuesday, citing ‘pedestrian safety concerns.’ The public outcry on the attempt to minimize the display was led by Zanis, who saw through the scheme to place crosses where no one would photograph them, slowly erasing the memory of the Harvest Festival Massacre.
Zanis commented to the press he didn’t want to sound arrogant, but he has “The Key to The City for the Crosses for Losses” and he will stand the crosses up for massacre victims by the traditional Vegas Sign display this year and every year. It almost feels like the County wants everyone to forget about the victims, and the fund.
Aaron Rouse, the special agent in charge of the FBI field office during the massacre in which 851 people were injured and the world was emotionally traumatized is still in charge now. Assistant FBI Special Agent Patrick Brodsky retired in the middle of the Las Vegas shooting investigation, the most high profile federal investigation that the FBI in Las Vegas has ever been tasked with handling.
Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has repeatedly published hard evidence of FBI linked “terror plots” to false flags. These events are then followed up by The Strong Franchise, which is able to always be right there, within hours of any tragedy involving shootings or natural disasters, preying on the tragedy of loss, draining the community of funds, then holds the funds for other purposes. Connections to The Strong campaign and other false flag events have indicated the same pattern where situational crisis, “false flag” events, have occurred.
From a suburb of Chicago, The Tribune reports, “Jul 23, 2019, five months after the Aurora warehouse shooting, victims’ families still have not received any of the $500,000 raised by the city’s Aurora Strong fund.” And today, on October 29, they still haven’t been distributed.
And corruption within the American Red Cross, ARC, exposing their predatory fraud upon charitable society didn’t disappoint in Houston, when a local paper there reported the proceeds for “Houston Strong shirts, 100 percent of the net profits will be donated to the American Red Cross in support of the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.”
Reports of the trickle-down of the Red Cross are as little as single-digit percentiles of donations and funds reaching the victims, and it is reported by Slate, “ARC’s leaders have misled Congress. In a scathing 2015 report, the federal Government Accountability Office noted that “no regular, independent evaluations are conducted on the impact or effectiveness of the Red Cross’s disaster services.”
Lombardo and Sisolak established Vegas Strong. Don’t California Our Nevada first reported the Vegas Strong Victim funds scandal in a September 18, 2018 article indicating Strong funds are directly tied to the Rockefeller Resilient Cities Program. “The Las Vegas Resilient City program was activated by the false flag Harvest Festival Massacre on October 1, 2017 at 10 p.m., just in time to drain the community of funds for the holidays and then the (2018) heavily contested primaries, under the auspices of helping their fellow man. Steve Sisolak, running for Governor of Nevada, published Vegas Strong within
hours of the massacre, at 9 a.m. (October 2, 2019) with a logo, website, and all the trappings, subsequently draining $22.5M from the community, and even worldwide donors. The fund still hasn’t released relief payments per its own protocol of 9/13/2018, except for a few shekels last year, in December 2017.”
Resilient Cities even renamed the Houston Strong, Chicago Strong Centers as “Resiliency Centers.” Subsequently, Chief Resilient Officers were hired in the same manner all across the United States, where urban areas over a planned rollout phase-in period architected by Agenda 21 Globalists used the Strong fund to collect public money.
While used to display the protocol, now it doesn’t; you have to know to go the LVVF. According to the December 15, 2017 Las Vegas Victim’s Fund Final Protocol, “One hundred percent of the donations to the Fund will be used to assist the families of the decedents and the victims who were physically injured as a result of ‘1 October’ and sought prompt medical treatment.”
The same protocol calls for the Board to produce an audit with a caveat. No audit and no dispersions, except nominal, were made in 2017.
The Route 91 Massacre has Globalist Agenda terror plot written all over it. Notice how Globalist puppets began usurping historical truth to match it up with Globalist dating tactics. To create total confusion, and essentially erase history, they began using nomenclature such as 1 October. There is no “1 October”; it is as mythical as unicorns. The Massacre occurring on 10.01.2017, or October First or October 1, 2017 and should always be expressed in this manner, since that is what the headstones of all 58 murder victims say too.
The NutShell History of the Strong Franchise Today is the day we plant a new flag, #ConstitutionStrong. Canceled and effective immediately are former contracts for cabal-based nomenclatures of what the Strong and Stronger franchise was.
Live-Strong was first incepted and normalized to us by Lance Armstrong, a purposefully disgraced cyclist who knowingly employed unauthorized injectable hormones and steroids. A man enhancing his manliness was illegal, according to the Tour De France.
Yet, in the utter hypocrisy of the transgender mafia, normalizing injectable steroids and hormones to compete is equitable and reasonable when the chemically castrated man, injected and identifying by enhanced feminization, becomes a “womyn.” Conversely and deemed appropriate, augmented biological women, identifying as masculine by injectable testosterone enhancement is a good thing, according to the contemporary sports world. What better way to obliterate the Olympian spirit of honest competition by God-given skills, than the blatant dishonesty of relabeling a permanent DNA sports team?
There is an “I” in Team after all. It comes in the form of corrupt politicians pillaging the good-hearted American pocketbook traumatized by real live-action manufactured crises, false flag events which I discussed in my previous article Nevada Was Born Corrupt, Part One.
These same politicians subscribe to the left “black eye club” leadership. Horus is the hawk-headed Egyptian god of War and
Vengeance. He is the son of Isis. Ever seen that word, ISIS, before?
The sleek charcoal obelisk with an etched Eye of Horus at the site of the MGM Luxor was witness to the largest massacre on American soil. No better resiliency then persevering on the World Stage after being voluntarily socked in the Left eye!
Much ado has been made of Hollywood royalty admitted to the “Black Eye Club,” for the illuminated Club Horusites. The leftist Islamic Pope and his elite followers received a black left eye, so do the snuff filmmakers, the Pedogate Cabal, performers who have portrayed a female—Tootsie, Travolta in Hairspray, and Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry, Cate Blanchett, and Angelina Jolie. The only conspiracy that remains is that The Company isn’t the Head Puppeteer of it all,
flaunting it right in our faces, hiding in plain sight.
The former resiliency agenda promoted complacency and complicitness. Strong America needs no more tears.
Trump has reignited Nationalism and #ConstitutionStrong. We are transformed by our dutiful, proactive vigilance for liberty as we proverbially guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of it is the wellspring of life.
Vegas-Strong now will be strong for Liberty, strong for our patriotic calling, to defend America from enemies both foreign and domestic, even against The Company, not to be confused with companies of free enterprise. Army-Strong will not be defiled, AmericanFirst patriots duped into a blue pill alter reality needing “resiliency and tolerance” are red-pilled to the reality of manufactured tragedies designed by a One World Government touting a One World Religion. Sheep no more.

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