Activist Sheriff nixes ICE 287(g) same day alien murders deputy

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo
By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

In a move on Wednesday, October 23, Las Vegas Metro Police Department leadership put illegal aliens’ “rights” before public safety by refusing to cooperate with ICE 287(g) on non- violent alien criminal-hold. There is no lack of evidence that reckless public safety policies like this are exactly the reason the DOJ staged the Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen’s remarks at the SBA Major Cities Conference right here in Las Vegas on October 9, 2019.
Sheriff Lombardo’s decision directly flies in the face of the DOJ directive where AG Rosen stated, “Nationwide, however, our efforts to fight crime are being disrupted by certain state and local governments that refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement, particularly so-called “Sanctuary cities,” for violators. We need to put public safety first, including the safety of our law enforcement personnel.
And that is why we are concerned with a new kind of problem: the emergence in some cities of District Attorneys that style themselves as “social justice” reformers, who undercut the police and refuse to enforce the law. The Attorney General Barr and I are concerned that those cities are headed back to the days of revolving door justice by implementing policies that don’t work, only to end up with more crime and more victims. We can’t let that happen. We must not forget about the victims of crimes.“
In the same speech, illegal drugs were cited as the leading cause of crime and unnecessary loss of life. And such was the case when Deputy Sheriff Brian Ishmael of Placerville California was ambushed by multiple shooters, illegal Mexican aliens, who were in the process of robbing an illegal grow house, a private residence.
The grower called the police in fear. Ishmael responded with a ride-along off-duty deputy, and they were ambushed upon arrival. The off-duty deputy was also shot but lived. One of the illegal shooters was severely wounded by return shots fired by Deputy Ishmael. The illegal was taken to Marshall Hospital in Placerville and his life was saved by a team member where a good number of Ishmael’s own family members work. Who pays his medical bills?
AP News reports did not reveal the status of the culprits, but I have learned they were illegals. And even if they have never been convicted of a felony, it wouldn’t matter, because they are here illegally and they were robbing the residence of contraband. LVMPD police who accept the decision of their Chief Lombardo to trade their safety for the “rights” of “non-violent” illegals are hiding their heads in the sand.
This could happen to any one of them. Illegals are criminals, and they walk around. If they were here for merit immigration, then they wouldn’t be illegal in the first place.
Lombardo’s reckless choice will be overturned eventually. This will be advanced to the 9th District, and if necessary to SCOTUS, and the people will win. But how many will die or be injured before then? The United States Attorney General mandates victims must be the focus, not the criminals.
It’s Halloween; Terror Tourism is in full swing this time of year; but terrorists and tourists have to coexist all year long according to Sheriff Joe Lombardo. I’m wondering how excited tourists will feel about traveling to Sin City knowing it is a sanctuary city geared towards harboring illegals, some of whom may not have been caught yet committing crimes, but are criminals nonetheless.
Aliens have been pouring in for years. It was reported in June a contingency of 10,000 Islamic Foreign Nationals is at the Mexican border mixing in with asylum-seekers.
Katie Ishmael and her three fatherless children will be separated from Brian forever. Let’s interview the next family of an illegal alien crime fatality and ask them if they think it’s fair and reasonable for Lombardo’s decision to put the rights of illegals ahead of their dead family members. I wonder if the victim or their family would approve of him sleeping soundly and safely every night in his cozy, gated Summerlin home content with his decisions.
Tourists count on Las Vegas to delegate by our vote our governmental authority to uphold the Rule of Law to people who will uphold their oath. Maybe it’s time to take that delegation of power back from Lombardo.
I call on The Las Vegas City Council and County Commission, the Governor, and the electorate to take steps necessary to sanction the budget of the Sheriff’s office until they comply with the law.
If my memory serves me correctly, Jeff Sessions was in Las Vegas July 12, 2017 to make it very clear, “We need cooperation between law enforcement at the federal, state, and local levels. I understand that we have a good measure of that cooperation right here in Las Vegas and that the Sheriff has enrolled his force in ICE’s 287G program which allows his local deputies to enforce immigration law. This is just the type of force multiplier that we need.” Remember that, Sheriff Joe?
Sessions’ last words were, “Don’t be like California.” I couldn’t agree more.

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