Communism is NOT what we want

Communism is the most deceptive and misleading party that ever existed and the only reason that the Democrats have adopted it as their ally is because the Democrats are as bad as the communists are.
They both lie and mislead the public, the members of their party, and the nation to get control of the best country in the universe.
People need to realize that the system of communism is all for the bosses and nothing for the average Joe who works hard to get ahead in life and obtain all the luxury and benefits that the privileged classes already have.
Communism does not want anyone to get ahead in life; they give the average Jane and Joe just a little of what they need and hold the rest for themselves.
Let’s be realistic. We all dream of having a nice big (or even not-so-big) comfortable home, we might want to have a yacht or a boat as well, maybe a nice sports car or a great working truck—but under communism, any and all of that is out of the question.
But let’s forget about all the material things that we have already mentioned and talk about other important things that we as a democratic society (not as Democrats) want and are used to.
Religious choice, for one, is out of the question; in fact it is against the law. Even now the socialist government tells us when we are allowed to water our grass, forces us to use the so-called smart meters that keep an eye on every move we make, mandate that we wear a seat belt while we are driving even if there are facts to show that the seat belts could get stuck and in many cases people have died because the seat belts we have to wear may malfunction or simply not open when we need to get out of them.
Freedom of opinion is punishable with prison time; disagreeing with a member of the government is out of the question; city marshals will not stand by waiting for an order to attack those who openly criticize the elected officials who no longer are elected but are here for life; and marshals will jump on citizens who erroneously believe that they have an opportunity to speak or think out loud.
None of that will be much of an issue, but what many ignorant citizens do not realize is that we will never have the opportunity to elect our representatives in government because the elections will be absolute—no more elections and the office-holders will be holding their positions for the entire time the party rulers decide, as long as those office- holders are good, obedient, little children and faithful to the socialist party, which will no longer be socialist,
but an all-out communist party government.
We urge our readers to look most recently to Venezuela, a country that was a very wealthy country living under the “normal” corruption and faults that capitalism can offer; now they do not even have toilet paper, toothpaste or many other basic things that many of us take for granted.
Cuba is a completely different story. The Cubans that started immigrating to the United States ten years after the Castro Clan took over one of the most beautiful and wealthy countries in the Americas were mostly sent here by the Castro Clan to “fight the imperialist Yankee” at any cost, going back and forth to the island, bringing all the items that Cubans were used to having and enjoying and making a profit at the same time with the help of the same American system they were told to hate.
If Cuba believes that the United States of America is so bad, why it is that Raul Castro’s daughter comes to this ugly country to shop on Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue? But that is not the real question; the real question is why the United States government allows any relative of an American-hating assassin-communist to enter this great nation.
The mistake here is very simple: laws are made to be enforced and not to be bent every time money comes between right and wrong; laws are not supposed to be enforced according to a price placed on the head of one person or another.
There is a very popular saying in America that goes like this: Money talks and BS walks, so why is the US concerned about democracy in Venezuela when they have tolerated sixty years of that kind of regime in Cuba? There is a very simple reason that can be obviously seen: it is called OIL. Venezuela has oil and Cuba no longer has anything to
offer, so what are a few more dead bodies and a few starving Cubans?

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