“Pravda Nevada Independent,” beg money from same people it may need to expose.

My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz
As many people have noticed, our Las Vegas Tribune General Manager has not written for the last two weeks and that is because she is at a local hospital having needed painful surgery. But because I know how reserved she is and I do not know if she wants to talk about her private hospital stay, I am not going to tell more than the basics. I just want her to know that we miss her a lot regardless — no matter how much of a pain in the butt she can be sometimes — we still miss her a lot, and why not? We just plain miss her.
Because she needed a Trauma Center and UMC Hospital is the hospital with the best Trauma Center in Las Vegas, and likely one of the best in the nation, she was taken there last week by AMC ambulance because the Clark County Fire and Rescue Department — which was only three blocks from her home — was too busy playing cards. AMC took the call and it took twenty minutes to arrive at her home, which was twenty blocks from where the ambulance was.
* * * * *
Because we are now living in an era of begging, asking, go-fund-me (and you), I came up with a very bright idea to help our community. I am calling or writing all my friends, business acquaintances, and enemies asking them to donate some money, any amount of money, to the Nevada Department of Transportation. And to make sure that I am wording my request right, I copied it from one of the political campaigns asking for whatever money they can afford, “even three dollars will be very appreciated.”
What is the money for? you may ask. Well, either the County or the City seem to be short of money; they fix the streets sometimes, like Oakey Boulevard, for example, which is fixed eight or nine times in one year, but they always forget to save some money for the white lines on the streets and sometimes accidents happen because people do not know where the white lines are supposed to be. It seems like they run out of money or they forgot to add the money in for the paint.
Another thing that drives me crazy is those white lines that no one can see and also are in the wrong place. Mark my words, someday an accident is bound to happen.
The corner of Wyoming and Main Street is one of those dangerous places where what is supposed to be a left turn lane is marked to go straight and those on the line that looks like it’s supposed to go straight is a “right turn only,” but people don’t look at the sign with an arrow pointing to right turn only, and because the white lines do not exist, they assume that it is to go straight, which is when it becomes Oakey Boulevard.
I think that the money donated to buy the white paint would be well spent because we all need to pitch in since we are now a country of free everything; isn’t that what the socialists running for president are promising to us? Free schools, free food , free medical and free everything.
Even the “Pravda Nevada Independent”, which is competing with the other Pravda Sun of Henderson, is asking for money despite the fact that they have raised millions from people that they may someday need to expose.
It is very nice to open a newspaper with someone else’s money and pretend to be “independent” so they can brainwash the youngsters of today’s generation, bypassing the socialism shtick and converting them directly into plain communism.
People do not want to realize that communism is not the same as capitalism and only the big wheels respond well to capitalism. It is like I have said before, capitalism is the exploitation of the man by the man, but communism is the exploitation of the man by the government. There is only one social class in communism — and that is poverty.
Many people are under the impression that under communism they are going to be able to keep all their money and their two cars or their mink coat yet nothing is further from the truth; that is why I sold my mink coat and my Bentley and keep my little antique Toyota Tacoma with only one tail light and no left fender, and with only one working door; if the commies ever take over this country not even they will want my Toyota. I already had that experience some six decades ago when the American Socialists gave Fidel Castro my beautiful country and my brand new shiny 1959 Cadillac that I left parked on one side of the Commie Island in a residential area outside Havana in December 1958.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.

Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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