Vaccines Got Hijacked: Autism linked to pediatric vaccines

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Part two of a four-part series
President Trump has mentioned autism 44 times in his presidency on tweets involving National Autism Day, general awareness of autism and in speeches regarding current autism rates. According to the most stunning revelation of criminal malfeasance ever of our time, the bio-terrorism involving the medical industrial complex has corrupted vaccine safety and violated the public trust on a heinous front, they have perpetuated the lie autism is a genetic predisposition.
While genetic DNA anomalies exist; autism, and its cousin Aspergers, isn’t among them. No child is born with autism. It is a manufactured crisis that is caused by adverse reactions to vaccines purposefully laced and administered in sequences at the directive of the diabolical CDC schedule, created by their science—with legal immunity. Robert F. Kennedy of the Children’s Health Defense medical truth team states “symptoms rendered in perfectly healthy children per cause of autism (cellular sheath disintegration and resulting inflammatory condition known as Autism and Aspergers); it’s just that simple.”
Challenge yourself. If you haven’t yet connected the bio-warfare of this program meant to depopulate, sterilize, and chemically lobotomize innocent infants and children, creating pharma customers for life, just afford yourself the opportunity to ask “What if?” by allowing yourself to look for and find one senior who has been diagnosed with autism. There isn’t any! Can we readily make the case autism was “invented” in the last, say, 50 years? Look around you. Have you been to a public venue, Disneyland, a school, anywhere children are wearing earphones because they can’t deal with the input of those environments?
Their childhoods have been stolen, their future productivity and ability to be best, including and likely raising families is gone forever. The same vaccines and combinations of vaccines causing autism are also mitigating endocrine and testosterone development, even causing chronic illness and autoimmune diseases to compound the severity of autism, or “being on the spectrum.”
Autism is the multiple and chronic misfiring of nerve endings missing each other, causing a virtual brain overload. And the panacea for the overload parents turn to the most is single-point-of-view video games and academic electronic input. Autistic people, and now grown adults with vaccine-induced autism are vulnerable to the transgender mafia, educational indoctrination and since they have low rationing skills, they can be more readily forced to limbic brain function modes of operation, especially common core learning.
Why does it seem like the escalation of vaccines exactly matches the skyrocketing rate of autism found in children? Congress knew what they were doing for Agenda 21, escalating the oblivion agenda against humanity so they could maintain their system of corruption, that’s why.
The CDC and the FDA, a collusive partnership To complicate matters, the FDA worked in clandestine tandem with the CDC to allow known toxins to the food and drug chain by expanding the G.R.A.S. list. The list itself was a well intentioned and helpful resource for the food industry developed in the 1950s. The Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) list, started life as a small list where everyday ingredients such as baking soda and salt didn’t have to be safety-tested and simple food recipes using basic ingredients were passed along for decades on a speedy process.
Over time, and about the mid-‘90s, a look at the historical data of the GRAS list began including Glyphosate, polysorbate 80, aluminum,
mercury, lead, thimerosal, and other toxins which were deemed safe and eventually permitted in food and drugs, even vaccines being injected
into the blood systems of pregnant women and infants. The allowable amounts of these substances on the GRAS list are 50-1000 times more
than “recommended amounts.”
And the agencies themselves, expanding into a rogue force incorporating all three branches of government by “for looks only” public comment fact-gathering only to cast aside all evidence of vaccine corruption and proof their agenda was wreaking havoc on the people. As early as 2002 the witnesses to the shredding of CDC whistle-blower reports treating the people of America in what was suspension of our constitutional safety and rights permeated every facet of the medical community, especially those who would collect government benefits such as veterans and seniors eligible for Social Security. The blessing of a pacifist Congress with a dysfunctional political will regarded the people of America as chattel for donations
as meager as $500 from the medical industrial complex.
In a Constitutional Republic it is vitally important to have both virtue and knowledge. If the people are to delegate their vote to the politicos who govern through consent, it is up to us to be sure Congress fulfills the mission of its directive and tackle the polarizing warfare included in the bill, not limited to “neurobiology, genetics, genomics, psychopharmacology, developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, and clinical psychology.”
Repeal the Act and Enforce the Law
Sign the petition at to provide restitution by public notice for vaccine injury to be sure all patients receiving vaccines including military, Medical Association “schedules” and “implied consent” victims, stratospheric aerosol, and aerosol are compensated.
The Autism Bill won’t come soon enough, and vaccine experts who are aware of the corrupted system have called for the public to avoid vaccines, file exemptions and question authority vigorously until the public health arena of wellness in preventative healthcare is restored.
President Trump upholds Rep. Chris Smith’s autism legislation, House of Representatives 1058 (HR 1058), after he signed it into law on
Sept. 30, 2019.
The bill requires that “Such research shall investigate the causes (including possible environmental causes), diagnosis or ruling out, early and ongoing detection, prevention, services across the lifespan, supports, intervention, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, including dissemination and implementation of clinical care, supports, interventions, and treatments.
It is vitally important that the bill “shall investigate the causes” because the concurrent investigation of the flu shot—which was announced on September 19, 2019 and is being conducted by the DOD, the DOJ and includes 23 agencies—will most assuredly be used as one of the factors in the investigation by this bill.
According to one of the most stoic vaccine safety advocates, Natural News, the symptoms of a child with autism can differ enormously from those of a parent with autism. Spontaneous gene mutations caused by chemical medications and vaccines, for instance, may play a major role in each case of autism while showing completely different signs. These would not be “inherited genes” but issues with the central nervous system, the immune system, and the neurons misfiring in the brain.
Twenty years ago, only one in 10,000 children were suffering from autism, but there are many citations proving what we see when we look
around: Autism affects everyone. It affects the victims, the caretakers and society as a whole.
“The signing of this important legislation into law,” another supporter, Senator Menendez said Tuesday in a press statement, “ensures the federal government will continue to fund and drive critical research into what causes autism spectrum disorder and the development of innovative treatment and supports to help individuals with ASD reach their full, God-given potential.”
Smith, as the primary sponsor and author of the original Autism CARES Act in 2014, recently described the 2019 rendition as a “comprehensive
re-authorization and strengthening of America’s whole-of-government autism spectrum disorder initiative.”
In a July 24 U.S. House speech, Smith said: “This bipartisan legislation powerfully supports and pursues durable remedies and effective interventions for the approximately 1.5 million children with ASD. That is an estimated one in 59 children in the U.S. In my home state of New Jersey, that is one in 34. We do have the highest rate, according to the CDC. This bill also helps adults with autism who were and are today often misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed and overlooked. Language throughout the bill emphasizes that causes, diagnosis, detection, prevention and treatment of autism spectrum disorder must be throughout the lifespan of that person.”
The Autism CARES Act of 2019 authorizes more than $1.8 billion of appropriations over a five-year period from Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2024. The money will bolster America’s autism research efforts.
* * * * *
This four-part series published in recognition of October-Vaccine Awareness Month will expose the corrupted Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System & Vaccine Safety Act established in 1986 by Congress.
The Oblivion Agenda, a carefully constructed Globalist movement to depopulate the planet for total government control used vaccines as the silent host to bring misery, malaise, and early death has been stopped by Donald J. Trump and the patriots. Peace will prevail when  the mission is truth.

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