Nevada indigent healthcare fund has brakes pumped by Trump

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
CNS News reported in 2017 The Census Bureau defines “property taxes” as “taxes imposed on ownership of property and measured by its value.”
And that measures up to Americans paying a record $540,701,000,000 in property taxes to state and local governments in fiscal 2016 total across the United States.
Nevada is 24th of 50 States of assessed fair market value and our median property tax is reportedly an average of $1,841 in 2019. Ten percent of my property tax goes to indigent healthcare. Of course, I pay my own and my family’s healthcare costs.
“Property,” says the Census Bureau, “refers to real property (e.g., land and structures) as well as personal property; personal property can be either tangible (e.g., automobiles and boats) or intangible (e.g., bank accounts and stocks and bonds).” So, what other property in Nevada is being taxed for the sake of indigent healthcare?
Nevada collected $6 billion in taxes in 2018, so just how much of that is property tax? And in Nevada, are DMV fees (an improper tax) or Professional licensing fees (another improper form of tax), included in the report of property tax?
It’s difficult to have this question answered because calls and emails to the State Treasurer’s office have not been returned, or they call and leave no message except to call back on a general line so that you can never get ahold of the person who can directly answer a question.
And no one seems to have any real facts leading to the exact expenditures of where the money collected for NRS 428.175 Fund for Hospital Care to Indigent Persons is going. Or NRS 428.185, Levy of tax ad valorem for remittance to Fund. Or 428.285, which is collecting in excess of 10 percent on everyone’s property tax for indigent healthcare. All these taxes collected since the 1980s have well served all those who cannot afford healthcare. And on what property?
So there are still many questions I will pursue regarding this collection of taxes for indigent healthcare, because Trump just told us today, October 4th, this Cloward Piven based burden of providing for the indigent is no longer acceptable or lawful because he has forbidden illegal aliens to enter unless they can pay for their own healthcare.
And his new order applies to all current illegal aliens. In other words, they cannot stay here if they can’t afford their own healthcare.

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