If they do not know how to be loyal, faithful and truthful I do not need them.

My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz
It was late at night when my friend Monica called me to see what I was up to; she asked me what I was doing and I responded, “What do you think I could be doing at this time at night? I was sleeping until you called!” We both laughed because she knew I was working on our paper and trying to come up with something to write about.
I said to Monica, “I have no idea what to write; my brains are out of material tonight,” and she suggested that I should go to sleep and go to the courthouse the next day.
“You always find something to write at the courthouse,” she said. Well, I hate to accept the fact that Monica was right. The next day I went to the courthouse and I found plenty to write about and plenty to hold onto for next week’s newspaper.
First, I had to pass by the sidewalk that took me to the courthouse and the smell of the homeless sitting and sleeping in front of the courthouse, the smell of the marijuana all along the sidewalk from Clark to Lewis, almost made me high; I was afraid that the court marshals, the judges and everyone else would think that I was the one who was high, stoned.
But, even before I got out of my car, I encountered what had to be a mentally-challenged person coming out of the courthouse: he was texting in the middle of the street, ignoring the traffic lights and the cars moving back and forth. I blew my horn to let him know that he was in the middle of the street and the traffic was waiting for him to finish his texting session and move on.
Another dummy, from the District Attorney’s Family Court staff, came to his defense and pretended to be a man pulling out his cell phone and tried to take a picture of me like he was going to scare me with his Deputy DA uniform (black suit from Walmart, white shirt and black tie from the 99 Cent store). Because I was in a good mood that morning I gave him the finger and laughed at him and just kept going.
Inside the courthouse, before I even passed the main door where the security gate is, I had to interact with someone who looked like an out-of-state police or immigration official who wanted to deport Court Marshal Anthony Russo back to New York, but I assured them that Russo is almost a good guy and so they let him stay in Clark County.
It was a good day for me. Thanks to God, the grandmother campaign manager of some racist socialist city officials and a couple of judges who allowed her to write bad checks — on behalf of herself and her husband — to their landlord is right when she tells people that no one reads the Las Vegas Tribune; two days after we wrote about how wrong we were about local shark Benjamin Childs, I was not able to handle all the telephone calls giving me their stories and their experience with Childs. Can you imagine how it would have been if someone actually did read our humble newspaper?
The response to Childs’ article was so overwhelming that we are planning to write a series on Ben Childs, not because I don’t like Childs — there are lots of attorneys in our community that I do not like — but because I do not like to make a fool out of myself.
Ben Childs made me believe that he was a great guy, a fantastic father, and a wonderful human being when in reality he is very possibly a pervert, even though I will not call him that, although I an say he is a man that apparently many people do not like.
I know many people like Ben Childs, but they do not bother me because they do not make me believe that they are God’s gift to the world.
They tell me the whole truth about themselves, and I hate to be wrong and I certainly hate to be made a fool of, but they do not make me believe that they are good people so I accept them as they are.
I am not a hypocrite and I am not the great pretender; I am proud to be who and what I am that is why I am always the same way. So if people like me, good! And if they do not like me, it is also good or at least okay in my opinion, but I always do respect people and I expect them to respect me.
There are three things I am proud of being: I am loyal, I am faithful and I am truthful, and I expect others to be that way with me. If they do not know how to be loyal, faithful and truthful I do not need them.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him
at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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