I am in a very cynical mood this week,

Florida Secretary of State violating Halloween fun by been racist and homophobic
My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz

Florida Secretary of State violating Halloween fun by been racist and homophobic

WARNING: I am in a very cynical mood this week, so if you are a sensitive person, I would recommend that you not read this week’s My Point of View.
Halloween should be terminated! No more Halloween because it is not fun anymore for many reasons: being a racist is one of them, been a homophobic is another, and there are many other reasons as well.
If one is infatuated with black people and on Halloween night a person wants to be black, at least for one night in his or her life, it is called being racist. It is not because a person wants to be black for a night, but because a person does not like blacks and that is why they paint themselves with a black face. Of course! Racist! Racist! Racist!
A man may want to become a woman for one day even if he looks ugly with those hairy legs in a dress, but obviously, then, he must be homophobic. How dare anyone want to dress up like the opposite sex? That is being homophobic.
Apparently it is OK for a woman to wear pants, but it is not OK for a man to wear a dress. Why? It is not called discrimination, it is called being sexist, it is called being homophobic it is whatever they want to call it just to go against the wave.
The old lady that used to be a city councilwoman called me a racist because I pointed out a Mexican national that does construction on his home without a permit as if my statement would not apply to a black, a white, a Filipino or any other nationality that the government is now using on the electoral ballot.
We are all dying to become Americans, but we do not expect the language of our previous country to become the language of this great nation. If you do not want to learn the language why did you come here in first place?
Don’t even dare to say that half of the Nevada Legislature announced their sexual preference before announcing their intention to run for office so they might be elected. If one let the world know their preference for people of the same sex they would get elected or the candidate would let the world know that there are homophobic in his or her district when in reality the sexual preference has nothing to do with their qualifications or ability to be a good public servant.
If one likes President Trump, one become an enemy of this country; it is not an enemy of the Democrats, but an enemy of the country. One would have to like Obama or be ready to be called a racist, and you would have to like David Park or be called a homophobic.
This newspaper probably was one of the first Obama supporters when he ran for the very first time, fresh from a few months in the US Senate, but when we withdrew that support and that endorsement we became anti-American, or anti-black, but no one took the time to ask us why we chose to withdraw that support and our endorsement of the first black president in America’s history.
It was not because he may not have been born in this country; in fact we never used that as an excuse not to support the Obama family being the first black family in the White House of America.
We never dared call Michelle Obama “Mike” as many people on the radio talk shows industry dared to do; not because we were afraid to be accused of a homophobic mentality, but because whatever the reason was she became the first lady of the Nation and she deserved respect as a woman and as a first lady.
We withdrew our support and endorsement after Barack Obama so proudly displayed in his Houston headquarters a picture of Argentine revolutionary, communist and mercenary, Ernesto “Che” Guevara.
It is time to stop playing the game of not allowing others to express their opinion, to have an independent way of thinking and their right to have their own way of thinking.
But no, that is not fair. Why do we all have to be the way the communists are? Why do we have to be as they are—live as they do, think as they all think? If we don’t, we are the bad people.
We have to like tattoos, we have to have earrings in the nose (not in the ears alone like old people were used to); women today have to paint their nails like they ran out of one color and needed to finish with another color.
Let’s not forget that “being poor” is very important nowadays, and it’s the style to buy jeans with ready-made holes or rips; the more holes and rips the better, and the more important and wealthier one will look.
And make sure to be photographed with someone of another race or nationality because otherwise you will give the impression of being above others and maybe better than the rest of the world.
If you don’t do it “their way,” you will give the impression of being a Republican or an enemy of the nation; if you don’t have at least one black or Mexican friend, you will be accused of being a racist, being a bad person, or being a Republican.
If one doesn’t do, talk and walk as democrats do, one is a Republican and an enemy of the country, because remember… freedom of  expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of opinion are all bad habits; closing your home door at night, protecting the family and looking after them are all anti-American behaviors that can no longer be tolerated.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column. Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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