Trump U.N. speech calls to protect religious freedom

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Yesterday, Tuesday, September the 24, 2019, Trump kicked off the U.N. General Assembly’s annual session with a “Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom.” He couldn’t be saying it more clearly; it’s time for Christians and the willfully ignorant to dig deep and face facts. The intermediary culture message, “You can’t talk to God or eternally rest with him without us” in the Age of Disclosure when “us” is being ousted for corruption, lies, and theft of life masquerading as a faction calling their doctrine religion.
Knowing the difference between Cult Doctrine and Religion is simple. Cults and doctrines don’t recognize the highest form of love, Nature’s God, and his Rule of Law. They replace these foundational principles and concepts with layers upon layers of psychological control (doctrine), and it is always about control of you, your time, and money, in the name of “us.” Cults hide in plain sight and escalate degrees of darkness dosed upon the vulnerable, persons tribalized through “1,000 cut” indoctrination.
Morals and principles are constitutionally bound, and Trump yesterday at the U.N. called the world Religious Freedom issue an “urgent moral duty,” then announced, “The U.S. is committing $25 million to religious-freedom efforts and launching a coalition of businesses for religious freedom.”
The Scientologists do it, Islam does it, and the Jesuits, the 14th Purple Military Order, have mastered it. They are the most successful doctrines that have lured followers for ages into believing their path IS the One Way to their version of Heaven. But their actions speak louder than words.
Trumps clear directive to Christians to start voting with their hearts and wallets, uplifting fellow Constitutional Rule of Law cohorts, need to wake up and smell the Panera Bread.
The Las Vegas Celebrity Center Scientologists victimize critics by Fair Game. The psychopathic doctrine of the Church encourages church members to target dissenters politically and financially, and even kill them, utilizing a wide psychological portfolio of boycotts, ploys and even projection and gaslighting or worse. In a report this week a Florida Woman who was bilked of her life savings by the Church of Scientology and is suing them, had her brake lines cut by church members.
Scientology uses political ambassadors such as Michelle Fiore and Victoria Seaman, as has the NVGOP, for cloaking, because the lead right crowd is generally for religious freedom. Famous Las Vegas Scientologists Brent and Amy Jones, owners of REAL Water and Rob Lauer of 360 News target critics by Fair Game, like the very good Trump supporting Clark County Chairman Sadjak. You see Sadjak is causing them heartburn because the current Trump supporting board wouldn’t acquiesce to the Scientologists offering CCRP aka N.R.C.C. “free GOP offices” in their REAL water building.
Sadjak’s true leadership is a bitter pill for the Scientology landlords because they are at war with his moral duty to uphold the Constitution as the GOP Clark County Chair. Scientology has crowned Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, leader, as Scientology royalty.
The “Religion of Peace” has 121 lines in their Islamic Quran “Holy Book” justifying the slaying of non-infidels as holy, and they have overtaken every culture they invade very scientifically using a forced matrix system based upon a soft invasion by victimization, then tolerance; and finally, when they achieve a 3 percent ratio in the local populace, they overtake it. Their persecution by financial, political, and legal boycott (filing harassment lawsuits, making false
claims with other Muslim witnesses) and the taxpayer-funded Clark County School District utilizes Common Core, which is distributed by Muslim Brotherhood-owned Pearson Media. The history books have erased all references to authentic Islam as the Pro Death doctrine it is.
CCSD relies on volunteers to teach the Constitution. Personally, I do applaud the Imam’s, faith leaders of the Islamic culture. as dutifully recognizing the toxic culture of BigPharma; Muslims reject all vaccines. They are physically as healthy as the Amish, who follow the same doctrine. The inbreeding of the faith poses
different issues, but the instances of autism and autoimmune are less than 2 percent in both cultures. Their young men and women multiply rapidly, compared to the HPV mass fertility mitigated Caucasian household whose parenting always encourages them to have their babies “up-to-date” with vaccines that have never been independently tested.
They boycott the Medical Industrial Complex; we should too.A widely known Catholic commentator, Mother Miriam, just this week called out the Pope for his consent decree alliance with the Human Fraternity and merging of the Catholic Faith with Islam, called Chrislam, on August 26, 2019. She clearly stated the obvious and said the “move was anti-biblical and will end Christianity.”
Catholics who subscribe to a love doctrine may want to research their church leadership and ask them to reinsert all the missing books of the Bible removed by the Illuminati in 1684, or find another place to love one another. It’s worth a quick mention that the Temple of Solomon is considered the spiritual birthplace of Freemasonry, which is a secret society of sorts that has been responsible for much of the corruption taking place in our world today. These books were removed, but are still used by the Catholic Secret Society Masons and Illuminati.
Various speculations have been made as to why the Books of Solomon, some of the greatest wisdom of the Bible, were removed. What could be hiding there? It’s typical for powerful persecutors to remove that which can empower the people to beware of evil. We need to ask ourselves what good practicing Catholic would advocate the torture and eating of children?
Knowing right from wrong is obligatory. We can’t be religiously free until we defend this simple concept. Our issue is the forces acting upon us justifying wrongs.
Will you join me and Melania in boycotting purple? She has never worn just a purple dress. I’m considered a casual #PlainVanillaBibleReader and it’s my birthday next week. If you can’t find an excuse to learn and practice the Golden Rule—to do unto others as you would have others do unto you—for my birthday, then find any better reason.

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