LVMPD discriminate against Sheriff and head of the PIO political foe

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
The alarm was running, the voices inside the store clearly showed that there were people inside the store; the alarm company notified the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as also did the store manager on duty on his way to the location.
The 911 Police operator, during a telephone conversation, instructed the store manager to “stay outside and wait for the police to arrive” so as a little obedient child would do, he did as he was told and waited outside for the help. The waiting lasted two hours, from eleven in the evening until one in the morning to no avail and no cops arriving to help a citizen, a business owner in distress.
The excuse was very simple; there was a shooting that the entire police department was responding to; it must have been a very serious and big deal kind of shooting for the entire police department to respond to so the business manager was very concerned for the safety and the life of all police officers risking their lives.
For the next three days the store owners were very concerned about the end result of the shooting and they were all glued to the television set and reading the only daily newspaper in a city of close to three million people but no shootings were reported.
Neither the newspaper nor the television stations (five of them) reported any shooting of such magnitude as to have the entire police department responding to the call and nothing was reported. Years ago the police were able to block the news by controlling the freedom of the press, but not in today’s world with all the social media and all the others and the “See something, say something” mentality that exists in our community. So what happened?
The small business operating in the downtown Las Vegas area is owned by the owners of the Las Vegas Tribune and the police may not be allowed to respond to a 911 call from that business because the Sheriff, Joseph Lombardo, does not like the owners of the Las Vegas Tribune for not supporting him in the last two elections.
Also, the female in charge of the Public Information Office has been the subject of criticism by the newspaper and it may be the other reason why the police are not responding to emergency calls to that location, regardless of the nature of the telephone calls.
On Monday, September 16, the store called the Las Vegas Police Department for help again and they are still waiting for help to arrive; is that a coincidence? Is this newspaper lying or it is just a reality that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is discriminating against the owners of this newspaper?
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